Lithium Gem pack 100ah Prismatic Lifepo4 24s

I have exactly 12 of these new in box GBS 12v modules from defunct ev company.
Rather than sell individually will offer them on here discounted. $500 x 6 modules.
$3500 for a slick Gem kit.
Theoretical 50miles level ground 25mph.
Assume 150watt per mile. Grant should be reporting accuracy soon.
320w each cell X 24s.
I also will supply high current active balancers at cost with these. $15 each cell. Still expensive, but slick solution. No bms or monitoring needed. These balancers work 24-7 charging low cells from high cells. (if needed)
These sell for $25 each from EV store.


balancer X 4

Or buy here…

Both sets for a 100 Mile Car.
New in box.
One box opened to look.

Still saving these as long as I can.
6 x 12v 100ah lithium is too nice not to see it in a Gem.
Brand new in sealed boxes from 2016.

$820 each from ebay seller.

Walk in just left with 48 batteries.

160ah 77volts.

About 80 miles if they could be stuffed in a Gem.

Have another 48pcs >80ah tested.
336lb total for 48.MVC-009FMVC-011FMVC-010FMVC-014F

3rd picture is 81mm ammo can. 8 cells fit perfectly, making a 12v 200ah battery. Tightly sealed.
Or 24v 100ah.
A tall can may hold 12, have it here. Not tested for fit…
36v 100ah.
2 cans for 72v. Anyone want dimensions? :slight_smile:

And more pictures.
12s 36v 100ah in ammo can.
Use two for 72v.MVC-001FMVC-002FMVC-003F

Just sent some to PR.