100 ah prismatic cells

I’m bidding on a quantity of 100ah cells.
At 3.2v nominal it takes 24s for a 72v Gem.
Hope to have enough for about 20 cars.
24 just happens to be maximum for bms-24.
There are other solutions available for 32s and beyond.

One of the nicest is a 6 amp active balancer. Very simple in theory. One small module connects across each cell.
They go to work 24-7 charging the low cells from the high ones.

That’s it! :blush:

No bms required. Makes a set of lithium batteries work just like your old gels.

Drop in replacement.

They work so well, you can tap at 12v for lighting load.
All the other cells will keep it charged.

The only down side is the cost. $22 each singles.
$15 moq 500.
Out of reach for me at present.

My plan is to offer enough savings on the batteries to pay for balancers.

Making a $3k drop-in 100ah Gem pack.

A lot of things need to fall in place for this to happen.

Step one. Ship batteries. Check!:blush:
Step two order balancers…