I just saw this ad about Lithium batteries

Can anyone tell me if these are suitable for converting a GEM car?

60ah are marginally large enough. Two sets of 80s better.
24 make 72v. Up to 27 in a gem.
Make sure hardware is included, although I bet my straps fit.
Let me see if c rate is listed, I didn’t read the whole add.

Good to go 10c pulse rating and hardware by request. Seems a super deal.
If they are always available, I can wholesale what I have left. Yay, no more testing. :slight_smile:

My balancers and possible matching bms work with them also.
I have a pallet of balance boards left.
Also J1772 29a chargers for 24s packs.

Inwo What would you charge for 27 with hardware sent to UT?

Fyi, these are not my cells.
I get $50/cell plus shipping.
My tested batteries have been out of stock for a while.
May be getting more soon.