Allied Lithium conversion for Gem

I’m thinking about making the switch to lithium for one of my Gems a 2000 E4. The Allied Lithium kit seems like a nice one-stop package. Anyone install their batteries and charger? I currently have R4F charger, and hope that wouldn’t complicate install…

I can’t think of anything good to say about connecting bms in series or parallel.
Convenient, yes. Marketable, yes. Still a cluster ****.
And then there’s this. Holy crap!

That’s pricey… I’m getting ready to sell my 2000 with Chevy Volt lithium, BMS, QA1 shocks, R4F motor, etc… and was going to ask maybe 1K more than the Allied battery package. Doesn’t seem worth it.

Where’s your Gem located?

inwo, is there a better way to go that is as close to “plug and play” as the Allied kit? I’ve replaced batteries, a charger and a controller on a gem before, but that’s as advanced as I am!

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Only my opinion. I’m sure they work fine in some applications.
It’s not difficult to install discrete lifepo4 cells of the capacity you need for less than 1/2 the cost.
Rather than wiring 6-12 or more Allied battery modules in series/parallel, the 24 cells connect in series.
Put them in boxes, trays, or strap them together. Connect all positive to negative in a string for 72 volts.
A bms is not needed for lfp cells as they are safe chemistry. A small balance board can be added across each cell to indicate cell status.
The original DQ charger can be programmed by a member for your application, and that’s it.
Connect the Gem power cables to the string and drive it.

A little more to it, but not much. You will need to baby sit the first few charge cycles, to make sure batteries are not over charging.

Worst case, you get or develop a bad cell. No problem, just replace a $150 cell.
I can get you a link, or you can do a search and run it by the forum.

For example, I got 16 x 270ah cells for my brother’s forklift. Less than $3k delivered.
A Gem needs 24s but not 270ah which is 150 mile range. :slight_smile:
150ah would be a good choice for long range. Get an extra cell or two for high performance.

I’m not selling these, so I think you can trust my experienced opinion.

3 of these make a nice 24s battery.


Just found this post. I don’t know why I thought you sold the batteries. Can you send me the link to this website? If I recall, I believe you do sell the balance boards, right?

OK, I found that the screen captures are from AliExpress.
This site is flooded with sellers, and I was hesitant to order from ebay :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Any particular seller you have experience with? And would going with 176ah help with hills? I live in a hilly area. Thanks!

Bigger batteries won’t help on hills. Unless the ones you have are two small.
I generally run an extra cell. 25s helps a little.
Yes, I have the balance boards.
I just got an email for USA stock cells. Let me look for it.

Thanks! I did some searching on the site, and this one stood out among others in terms of price and ah capacity.

It’s quite a bit cheaper than some of the other 200ahs on the site and the seller seems to have a decent rating. Do you think the batteries will work spec-wise? I’m sure this is silly, but the tint of blue is different from the ones in 99% of the other listings.

Based on your comment about using an extra cell for more power, I’ll need to order a qty of 28 and leave some as spares.

Upon closer comparison, there are some other things that stick out:

Lifespan: 2000 cycles and more (most others say 4000, but I’m not sure if that’s just a fabricated # that isn’t realistic to begin with)

Continuous Discharge Current: 400A (most others are around 100 - 150A range)
Peak Discharge Current: 800A (most others are in the 150 - 250A range)

Does the above specs mean that it will have a lot of power compared to the others but at the cost of the battery draining quicker (= less miles)?

When you are using cells that large, I don’t see a reason to use more than 24s.
No downside to higher peak current that I can think of. On the contrary, it should mean that the 200ah rating is more realistic.
You might ask what they mean by “2010new”, and why they are lower cost than others.
Chinese sellers have a different way of thinking.
If batteries are new, I would buy them.

Looking closer, you might take the date at face value, and wonder why there are 2010 dated batteries available.
I have a similar dilemma shopping for lto cells. The same cells are available in various ah ratings. Also in A or B condition.
It has been reported by e-bike builders that Chinese batteries are often made of used cells that have been relabeled.
I have no personal experience with this seller.
I can give you a link to a seller I’ve used. No USA stock though.