Lifepo4 Lithium Conversion w/BMS 28s-30s 100ah - New Cells

Ordered these to convert my 2002 GEM from lead to lithium. I have changed directions in a major way, ended up with a 2016 E6, got tired of waiting, and went with one of LG/INWO’s conversions which is an excellent way to go.

This one is more for the DIY’er and slightly easier on the wallet - you will need to know how to hook these up and will need to wire them, setup the BMS etc. If you’re looking for turn-key/■■■■■ proof with support, you’ll get a little help from the community but this is probably not the way to go.

I’m selling cells, bus bars, and nuts only. I ordered 30 cells so I could do a 28s and have 2 backup cells just in case. These all test within .025 volts of each other - average 3.29v upon receipt. They are grade A, new Lifepo4 cells. 1C continuous, 2C momentary discharge so you can pull up to 200 amps momentary, 100 amps continuous which should be plenty for stock Gems. You will need to buy a Delta-Q charger from, or have yours flashed by Lithium Gods as the stock profile will not work. You may also need other parts depending on how many modules you wire in-series.

Price is $1900 with the BMS, $1800 without, picked up in South Florida.

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Very nice cells.
Lots of support for LFP on here. Very safe chemistry. To make these simple, I have left over discrete cell balancers, that would make this a very clean install. Just bolt one to each cell.

Thanks for the kind words, just to clarify as I see I didn’t make it clear in my original post, selling a total of 30 cells, price is for all 30

Dumb question but where would you mount them in your 2002? This is my gem car thread for additional context: New to Gem: Bought 2002 E825 for hilly area - #48 by Erniea15

They should fit under the rear seat… all of them. You’d ditch the 6 wet cells. 2 up front and 4 in the back.

…but that’s where you run into the suspension issues. You lose all that weight in the front that helps with traction and ride, rear loses weight too. It will ride like you don’t have suspension at all.

I ended up leaving a wet cell battery up from to run the stereo and light bar

Check this out

I’m planning on leaving the 2 up front for the sound and lights, and the extra weight. They’d need a separate charger from the lithium right?

How much would these cost for this battery setup?

I left one 12 volt up front. Used a 12 volt marine charger to juice it up. Connected it to the rear AC plug so both would kick on when plugged in.

@Inwo cell balancers are pretty inexpensive. He can quote you for sure.

$5 Each plus $20 s&h

Just noticed the site censored the work !d!ot in my original post lol. If anyone is interested in these, best way to reach me is 561-592-9455.