The Ginormous Gem Lithium battery cells

Picked up a pallet of these , 260ah Lifepo4 cells . I have been selling them to RV guys and car audio guys . And also use a set in my boat . But I can’t quite thinking about what a set of these would do in a Gem . The range would be incredible and they would have very little voltage sag . The picture shows them next to Dave’s green cells , BIG difference in size . Probably would only fit in a E6 . Don’t have the time but fun to think about .

Do you have 25 of them?

I do . But I think 24 would be a good number . You could then use my favorite 24s Bluetooth balancer .

Would I like them? They test pretty good?
What value do you place on them?
I have a few things that could use more capacity. Like my bathroom scale for one. :slight_smile:

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How much are you selling them for? They should also fit the el xd’s.

That would get pretty high cost, but super mileage.
Not always about the money. $5k
25% more capacity than Bolt.

What is the actual dimensions, and what is the voltage? Where are you located?

I’m in Naples fl . I think these would only fit in an E6 gem . Here is a link to the specs .

Thanks for the PDF KingHappy. Do you have a price for each 4volt unit?