Drop-in 75v lithium battery. 5kwh lifepo4 25s

Tested and bottom balanced.
No bms
2 x 10s modules 24.5" x 8.5" x 4.5"
1 x 5s module 12" long
New old stock cells tested over rated capacity.
USA made .international%2010pacs MVC-007F

Rated as 60ah.
Tested 65-75ah.
Sold in matched tested lots.

A set of 5 x 16v modules are ready to drop in a Gem.
25s $****
12.5" x 8.5" x 8.5"hMVC-005F

3 shown

Anyone interested in @stretchkart 's conversion, 3 more sets available.
3 * 10s modules fit above battery tray.
Use from 24-25s stock to 28s 99 volt hotrod.
It takes a couple days to balance the 30 cells, making a matched set.
Custom configurations available. 2p etc.

6p16s 360ah 48v battery


Discharge curve from 3.5v to 3v.
1 hr wait shows sag from 3.5v to 3.36v.MVC-018F


This means that more cells can be used.
26 x 3.36 ~ 87v
30 x 3.36 ~ 100v
Even charging to 3.65v they drop back in short order.

Lots more available. :slight_smile:


This is 1/2 of the last order. 16,000lb 1,280 cells.
Should keep me busy through the winter.

If someone has access to a forklift and can capacity test cells. $x160=6-Gems worth.

$/ea for the straight untested cells?strong text

Yes, beyond that, it’s a 2000lb ss battery tank. Full of 40gal transformer mineral oil.
I will guarantee good % of >60ah cells.
Of 8x160 cells so far less than 50. Most of those were before I learned to slow charge after storage.
I can also drain oil and remove the basket from the tank for $.
I get >$50 each, but shipping 4 at a time is getting to be a pita.2000lb%20basket%20full1

ps. @LithiumGods
I sent Michael 2, I think, 10s modules untested.
Might have been dumb luck but they were all >70ah as I recall.

all of mine tested well and have performed well

What I need is for someone to drop in 5*5s modules and report how it works with no bms and using the lead charger.
With the battery hard limit of 3.7v ^25, It should work great.

Catch 22, need to keep an eye on cell levels, but connecting anything to cells can get them out of balance.

The bt balancer might be a good choice. Plug it in while charging, but then limited to 24s.
Nothing is ever perfect.
I suppose that skipping one cell on the balancer isn’t a huge deal.:thinking:

Those are some super cool packs, if I were closer I would just grab a whole set, those look perfect for a larger EV conversion.

There will be some in Florida and Iowa.
I’m think that some could share a pack.

Only have open, drained batteries left.
160 > 60ah cells.
16 x 10s modules.

Dave, have any left? My FLA have finally failed, wife is agreeable to pricing out lithium. I would like to do a 25 cell set up like Kinghappy. 2002 e825 with a R4F motor. In Los Angeles. Thank you


Yes, I do.
$50each plus ~$200 shipping and supplies.
Should be fine with stock charger, as reported by Kinghappy and others.

Price increase.
Short supply.
Shunt balancers $3 each while they last.


Also interested in these…in Naples, Fl…check my contact info in the other post. Thanks!

@LithiumGods in Naples may have a few left. If not I can UPS a set for about $150 shipping.

I have a set test charging now. May or may not be sold. @cbepps
MVC-008F MVC-009F
These will be sold premium priced, configured 25s, top balanced, and test charged.