25s lip Gem battery 80v kit

I have 5 pcs 5s green cells to sell as a drop in kit.
Includes clip-on (new) balancers with “full” leds.
Test charged and top balanced.
$1500 plus shipping. ~$200 ups conus

These 5-16v modules replace 6-12v lead using original cables.

20 x 10s modules available now
$10,000 value.
Selling a pallet is more attractive to me than selling 4 at a time on Ebay.
Make a fair offer!
No duds. These have all been tested.

Hello, I’m new to the forum and would like to do a lithium conversion on my gem. Are you still selling the batteries? Thanks!

Yes, I have a few green cells for sale.
Cells only without balancing or support, $50 each.
Cells must be banded or restrained. Come in 10s modules that break down into 5s modules.
25s work good in Gem.
Test charged and balanced $1500 + shipping.

How many are on offer total, and would you do a package deal if a suitable quantity was purchased?

There are ten 10s modules tested.
$4k if I can ship on a pallet.
I’ll pm about my last 30 - 10s modules.
All all 60ah cells. Most test >70ah @ 10a rate.