RE: 25s lip Gem battery 80v kit

My PayPal is

Add 5% pp fees or send friends and family.
I can ship on your labels if you want insurance added.
A pallet is safer as UPS is rough on heavy packages.

It will take a few days to balance battery and prepare for shipping.

Thanks, will the delta q stock charger work well with the 80v system? Is there a bms that you would recommend? (Unless it comes with the batteries). Also, I’m used to 150Ah flooded batteries. How does the less capacity but more efficient lithiums compare? Sorry for all the questions, just trying to figure this out.

Lithiums have a 2-1 advantage overall. 60ah is on the light side, but good for 15-20 miles at 25mph level ground.
Charger may work as it is. Try it. If not it can be programmed for lithium.
No bms is needed in most cases. Try it without first.

Thanks Dave, just a few more questions. Will my stock charger charge the 80v system enough to fully charge the lithium or would it be better to get the 72v batteries. Also, do you know shipping costs to zip 30269? (Just south of Atlanta). Thanks a bunch,

The stock charger will over charge 24 cells. 25 seems to be the magic number.
In any case, you can disconnect one cell for lower voltage. Or add one for that matter.
It’s $200 shipping.

Hi Dave, I’m still very interested in your batteries, i’ve been out of town the last 3 days. Please don’t take this as an insult, but are there any protections for me as the buyer when buying something outside of eBay? For instance, if the batteries were lost in shipping or for whatever reason did not show up. Thanks for your understanding, just trying too figure it out.

The best protection is for you to ship them yourself with insurance.
I can give you the dimensions after packing.

Maybe go through U-Ship to have it picked up by an individual.

As far as payment protection, you can pay the 5% fee for PayPal protection.
Or look through the hundreds of posts on the forum and my Ebay name barbjb. I’ve sold thousands of batteries.


Ok thanks, I would like the batteries. I can send you the money and would appreciate if you could handle shipping as well. Also, are the batteries new and balanced? Thanks, if you can send me the total bill I’ll send it your way. Thanks!
Ben Allington

$1785 with 5% PP fees.
If you want insurance for full amount, I can tell you the added cost after printing the labels.

Deduct $85 paid friends and family.

Batteries are old stock but test over specs. I’ve only had a couple slip through that had issues and I replaced them.

I’ve been working on balancing since we first talked. Interrupted for a while, but should be able to get them out mid week.

Stored in mineral oil from factory. Don’t be concerned with seeping oil residue or missing hot-glue plugs that are often missing. Not important!

Hi Dave, I’m on the road again this week but wanted to stay in touch. I’ve been talking with the wife and she has concerns about the range we would have with 60ah batteries. We live in a hilly city and round trip where she typically goes is about 13 miles. We are a family of 4 and usually have some sort of groceries/cargo. My old 155ah batteries would be almost depleted on the round trip. I don’t want to have “range anxiety”. What do you think? Would 60ah work?

I would not recommend less than double the range needed.
For $3,000 I have a 20s Chevy Bolt module that’s 160ah.
12kwh and 50 mile range.

Or you can try putting in a double set of the green cells.
I can give you a deal, but nobody has been able to find room for them.

Thanks Dave, the Bolt module sounds perfect but it is more than I want to spend. Sorry if it feels like I’m dragging my feet on this, I just want to get what works for us. I may just have to keep with the lead acids for now. Do you know how many miles were put on the Bolt pack? New lead batteries are about 1000$, I’m willing to double that for lithiums provided I can get the same range. (About 15-20 miles or so). I’m guessing 80Ah lithium would be the minimum for my needs. Unless you wanted to come down on the Bolt pack, I’ll probably just stick with my leads for a while. Thanks for all you help!

Ask @kinghappy about range. They can do what you need. I don’t like to cut it that close myself.

Little more $$$ than lead. Easy to drop in. Swap to bigger in a few years if you want more. You could even put in a second set to double range.

Thanks for the info, I’m still deciding on which route to do. What programmer is kinghappy referring too? Also, I saw some blue cells (80ah) that might give me the range I need. Anyone tried the blue cells? Thanks

I have cable sw package to program controllers for $200.

Do you have a link to the 80ah? If they are Chinese, may be over rated. Compare the weight or dimensions.

Yes they are Chinese.

Hate to rain on your parade. My batteries can just barely supply enough peak current to a Gem.
5c or 300a

The Chinese cells are only 2c or 160a.
Let me see what Michael thinks.


Thanks, what does it mean when the battery data says 1c or 2c? Are they talking about internal cells within the battery? I’m familiar with much of electronic lingo but the battery lingo is unfamiliar. 25s? Is that 25 batteries? thanks for the info!

25s means a string of 25 cells
2p is 2 sets parallel connected

C is the amount of current that can be safely supplied in relation to cell capacity.

A 60ah cell rated 5c (5 times capacity) can supply 300amps without damaging the cell.