RE: LiFePo4 green cells are back $50 per cell

I am looking to upgrade my newly acquired 2002 GEM with 25 of your cells.
Any recommendations before I start this (location, custom build tray, BMS, What onboard charger will I need etc… etc…?)
I have never done this so forgive me for asking trivial questions?
Thenk you for your help,

Sorry, I’m sold out.
You will have to look for other options.
Chevy Volt, Bolt, or Spark work well.

Ok Thank you

I am considering these:
Any recommendation?

These are low amp 36v. What would you use them for?
Old Leaf cells do not have a good rep on forum.

I am going to install those in my 2002 E4. My plan is to start with those 2 in series to get 72v between 50Ah/66Ah and see how it works. I may then also get a 48v kit and have them used in series with the 36v which will give me 84v 100Ah/136Ah depending on how much capacity are left in the cells I get. It looks to me to be a easily serviceable setup when I will be able to replace cells overtime. Should get the kit next week and will post pictures

Connecting bms controlled batteries in series, in general, will not work. Did you ask the builder?
Also, “60 Amp continuous discharging, 120 Amp peak discharge”. Not near enough.
If you want to use leaf cells, start over. IMO. They are cheap due to issues and market being flooded with them.
Easy to configure in 2p or 3p.
The correct smart bms 20s 400a is only $150.

I am asking the builder

This is what the builder answered: For 72V street Golf cart as most people do just series 2 of them and your voltage range would be 62V to 82V

You need minimum of 20 cells in series . So if I understand the ad correctly each black box is 5 cells and you get 2 boxes per order ? So you will need 2 orders for 4 boxes ? If so too expensive . If you get 4 boxes the price works . Leaf cells degrade quickly in warm weather . Nissan got sued for it . Seller states the cells are only 70% capacity left so you are only getting 46ah , Not enough .Ad also says indoor use only . BMS is rated to 120 peak . Your Gem will pull up to 350ah peak and easily 200ah plus continuous on hills . This BMS is not even close to what you need .

I was the first person to do Leaf cells in a Gem 5 years ago and I have done multiple . Be glad to help you out any way I can .

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The auction is for 2 x 36v, so price is good.
But, sumtinwong!

“Smart BMS configuration:
60 Amp continuous discharging, 120 Amp peak discharge
45 Amp charging
60 Amp fuse”

Maybe they would trade for these, that would work good in a gem.

We will see when the kit gets here next week and as I will have to assemble it and will have a chance to go thru everything and share with you guys. The battery modules in the kit are the same ones you are pointing to from that ebay seller. I should get 10 of them. Thank you for the help.

11 modules are good, 22 ideal.
We know exactly what they are and how they work.
The “kit” will be of little use. Just buy 11 or 12 modules.

10-4 I am asking to get 22 modules instead of the kit. I will hopefully do this once the right way with your guidance as you have the experience

Dont get the g1 cells they are really bad , G2 are a little better .

Is there a reason you really want to use the leaf modules ?

Those are G2 modules. I will eventually upgrade to newer modules when I find some. For now I am learning. I like that I can replace modules as they go bad. Looks like a good set up. Also the temperature is very stable where I live (65-85 year around)

Are you sure they are g2?..

I decided to return the Leaf modules based kit I had ordered. It didn’t look right when it arrived. Now I just got front disk brakes and upgraded to a DQ charger. New Axles and control arm bushings also installed. Next will be Lithium when my batteries run out (3 years old Deka Dominators). Any suggestions as the members of this forum have already tried pretty much everything and done amazing builds :slightly_smiling_face: