RE: LiFePO Battery install 2001 e825

First let me start by saying thank you for taking the time to be a part of this forum and helping out the way you do. I’ve been part of several different forums over the years and it’s the members like you that drive this. Now let me get to it. I bought a 2005 E4. It needs new batteries so now’s the time for a lipo conversion. I’m looking for the standard 20-30 mile range and would like to bump it up to somewhere around 40 mph. You are the man on here for sure to guide me in that endeavor. If you have a set of batteries and boards that would be great. Thank you in advance.


Glad to help whatever you decide.
It will be a couple weeks before I have more green cells tested. They are in a warehouse, and I’m dependent on my brother’s schedule. We are both pretty busy these last few weeks.
A single set of green cells are 60ah. 20 mile range at 25mph, but 40mph eats up the juice.
A Chevy Bolt battery is 160ah if it’s in your budget.

Before I stumbled on to this forum I had the idea of Nissan Leaf cells. They seem to be cheap and plentiful, but if that were the way to go I think there would be more talk about them. Id love to talk all options but I definitely have a budget. I’m in no real hurry either. I’m tearing it down and painting it and cleaning it up nicely. Also looking to get a set of sporty wheels and tires. I know 12" is stock but what do you recommend?

We started with Leaf cells. They had real issues. New ones are ok.
Where are you located?
You might get more ideas in open forum.
Can I take this public?
I can scrub phone number.

I like in Tampa. Already bought the LED lights from one of the posts on here. A wealth of great information so far. Has certainly kept me from making some expensive mistakes. Feel free to go public with this. I’m sure I will be thanking many more users in the months to come.

Did @LithiumGods contact you?
He may have some near you.

Rob I have a set . These are a test set I put in my gem . I took the time and matched the set . ( Capacity tested each cell , ran them in the gem and swapped out 2 that were not quite keeping up with the others . ) Pack would be ready to drop in , standard 25 cell or higher voltage 27 cell setup . also comes with bluetooth balancer . I’m in Naples so you could save on shipping . This is the last set I will have available for a while .

P.s. If you want to come down and drive my HP cart to see what there like , let me know .


Absolutely. What would the 27 cell set up cost?