I finally got around to listing my LiFePO4 green cell for sale if anyone is interested

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How much are you asking for them? What range was you getting with your Gem?

Asking $1,300 (plus shipping). I think the consensus is these cells are good for 20-30 miles depending on the driving conditions (speed, passenger load, flat/hills, etc.) I never conducted full range tests but that estimate seems accurate from my experience.

Thanks for the response. I’m going to pass on them. I’m getting 50-60 miles using lead acid batteries. I was hoping lithium would get me much better range.

No problem, there are other lithium options available for longer range but typically cost more (Bolt cells for example). Other advantages of lithium include significant weight reduction and longer life cycles compared to lead.

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IF your getting 50+ miles with lead , the extended range lithium pack would put you over a 100 plus an increase in top speed in most cases .

My eTuk uses lead acid batteries and we have hills here. I get 50-55 miles on a charge, but on flat I’m around 60-64 miles until it dies. I installed solar panels and with driving & resting I was around 240 miles on the week without plugging in. I now use the solar panels to run all of my electronics like the 50 in TV monitor on the back. I have to learn more about lithium batteries. I’d love to be in the 100+ range before needing to recharge.

I own Gems and absolutely love them, but what I’ve learned is other Gems users don’t believe eTuks get twice the range for mileage. Just showing you this so you wouldn’t think I was inflating the numbers for mileage. I don’t know how or why there’s a difference in mileage between Gems and eTuks, but that’s the only problem I have with Gems.

With a low amp ac motor you could get that kind of range at a lower speed . They definitely designed Your eTuk for efficiency. Now when you start hot rodding that will change .

Lithium batteries can provide much higher power when needed . The other advantage is you can raise your battery pack voltage by adding cells . On Gems we start with a 20 cell extended range pack . This puts your voltage at 82v . That same gem comes alive like you put a turbo in it . Then we can add cells for more voltage . The hot rodders run 24 cells(24s) at 97v in the same Gem with a spoof . Stock Gem can go well into the 40+ mph range and climb hills twice as fast . Plus a 50+ mile range .

On your eTuk controller you need to see what the max voltage it will take . Then we design a battery with the right number of cells to get the most out of it .

I’ll reach out to eTuk USA tomorrow for answers on the controller so I won’t have to remove all the brackets and seats just to get access to the panel. Hopefully they’ll know.

I use the eTuk for city, beer, and wine tours plus a few other activities. The Gems mainly for small rides and just mobile advertising. If I can get 50+ miles out of the Gem, be able to travel 35mph just to get downtown and the upgrade not brake my pockets then that would be a huge benefit for me.

Do you guys have a website that ppl can reach out to? You all are very helpful so I’d love to give credit when possible as I post on the different Gem forums for the little things like Magic Magnets that everyone has been asking me about since I posted it and the results.

Thanks again!


Not looking to sell my programmer, but if you have to wait for China, I can let you use it.
Speed may be locked in firmware if it’s a custom controller from Curtis. Don’t know til you look.

Roman , sorry for the thread high jack .

This is a great deal for a set of these batteries . INWO is down to one set and then they are gone .