LiFePo4 green cells are back $50 per cell

25s make a great Gem pack.
2p25s even better (50 cells)
Hardware included.
Discount for shipping on a pallet.
10s modules
5s modules
single cells
1000s sold, this is the last 300 available.

5s dimensions 2000lb basket full1 2000lb basket

5s modules available.
16v each
Drop in 5 for 80v
Add balance boards to monitor at a glance

5 pcs is =80v?
and what AH?
those 5pcs =$250.00?
Thank You

25 cells are 80v or 5 pcs 5s modules
60ah ah
25s x50= $1250

Hello, just picked up an e825 that has 25 of these. Swapped all 25 into another e825 with a RFF motor and reporgrammed T1 for higher top speed, and now getting a Code 41. Took it out a few times to do some preliminary testing, and even going along at literally 2mph trips the Code 41 after about a mile. The motor is barely warm to the touch, so I’m guessing the excess voltage is something the T1 is not happy about? Merely speculation, have many more tests and meter reading to do at various points to try and isolate. In the meantime, one of the packs dipped below 1v , while all the others are still 3.2v, but I’m on the fence about replacing it VS just doing what we just did, and that is make a new jumper to connect the cells on either side of it together, thus lowering overall voltage, and “Hopefully” making the Code 41 a less likely occurrence in the future. I realize it will need charging more, the range is already poor, with this motor and 40+ mph capability, it looks like we get a couple miles per charge when it was 25 cells. doubling up on the cells is an option, but also considering the other battery options in the interest of space, (Nissan Leaf packs, etc).
Anyway, love this forum, if I can be of any help here to anyone with our experiences here with these batteries, just let me know!

Nothing to do with voltage or batteries. -41 is controller over heating. T1 has trouble over 25mph without cooling.
If only a few cells are bad, it’s worth replacing them.

Thank you for the reply. I’ll look into some dedicated cooling schemes for that controller here in the interim, whether it be ram air ducting/water jacket cooling, etc.
What’s interesting to me here was that before the litium conversion, we ran this cart at 40mph+ with the Deka batteries for over a month and never once code Code 41.
Getting that code while the cart crept along for 2 miles at 2mph, (Following along w a friend who was walking), is curious as well, since the motor was cool to the touch, so it was definitely the controller. My initial thought there is that the 80v+ from the lithium upgrade is responsible, everything else is still the same from before.

Fun stuff😂