Need help in conversion to li ion battery in panama city beach, Florida

can anybody take me step by step in conversion of my 2013 Gem electric car from the 9 gel batteries that i have to the li ion ones

Can you get by with 10-25 mile range?
My green cell modules are pretty much drop-in, when configured and matched here.
Other options for high miles.

i want to be able to do more miles

I’m wondering about range on the lithium as well. And what about the speed increase (in general)?

I figure 250 watts per mile at 25mph.
Speed increase comes from weight advantage and higher voltage.
Green cells are about 200 watts each. Use from 24 to 27 cells. Or double for twice the miles, if room for 48. 77v nominal LiFePo4. 24s
20s Bolt is about 12,000 watts.
Tesla 20,000 watts.
24s Volt or spark 4500 watts or 4 x 12s modules 9000 watts. 88v nominal

S=string=voltage adds
P=parallel=ah adds

I m using @Inwo green cells (25c) on two 2002 e825 (2 seat & a 4 seat). Power is amazing. You need to carefully ease on throttle or it spins. Usually easier to start off in some situations in turf mode. I just hit 35 uphill on a City radar speed sign. As far as range, haven’t gone on a test but so far with a 10 mi r/t to work I can easily do 2 trips on a charge. Lithium don’t loose voltage like FLA so for the whole time it feels ready to rocket. I love-’em.

That’s ~250w per mile.
Tnx, for info.