60ah lifepo4 cells

I have a 100 or so tested green cells again.
$50 each in 10 packs or a few 9 cell modules that I can break up.
Use 24s to 27s for 72v Gem.
300a peak means it is better to use 2p for long life if you can find room.
50+ pcs gets into discount mentioned in my other post. Also with 50+, free balance boards while they last.

Any ideas on how many will fit under the seat and how many more in the nose of an e825 cauck? er… CArt-trUCK?

Having all kinds of FLA headaches right now, but I don’t know if a 60Ah pack will give me the range I need. Might have to go 2p or find a bolt/volt/schmaltz battery or something…

Was really hoping to get 2 years out of the FLAs, but at 6 months, I’m down to 12 mile range…

These will only do 20 miles tops 25mph level ground.5s%20dimensions

A double set fits easily in my 2008 el.
I also have a Chevy Bolt battery. 160ah if budget permits.

And a Tesla3 module 240ah I think. 20kwh in any case.

Thanks. Will take some measurements and see what fits. Need to also go smack NAPA around see if they will do anything about the FLAs.

Wish I wasn’t so wishy washy on this stuff for your sake - maybe this just isn’t the right EV for me. I’m pushing 300+ miles a month, sometimes heavily loaded, sometimes not, always driven in binary though. Maybe I’m just too hard on the batteries…

Yes, you need a big battery.
A Bolt is easiest, but >$3000. $3500 wired w bms ready to drop in.
50 mile range. Tesla is 100m range. Less money but 6’ long. The first Gem/Tesla will get a deal. Several on here think it can be done handily.

What are the charger requirements for the Tesla battery though? Probably need a 220v circuit?

No, a DeltaQ is fine. It will put in 4 miles per hour.
Option of fast charging if you want.
Lithium doesn’t care about partial charge cycles.

How much will be the 24s

Green cells or Tesla? Tesla are 23s and 25s.

I’m a bit confused. How many of these would I need to rid my life of these damn lead batteries?

Same question. Tesla or lfp cells.
24-28 lfp cells. ~10-30 miles.
1pc 23s or 25s Tesla module. ~$2500
I just listed a 25s lfp set in “for sale”. $1500

Tesla is 4x the capacity. Should be ~100 mile range.