Lithium Conversion


I just purchased a 2008 E4 with hard door kit/heater. It is going to be a 3rd vehicle, Model 3 and F150 the others, as I live in a place for lake Ontario near Rochester, NY that has a 5 ft side walk that you have to go down about 300 yards. Other members have golf carts, I want something I can run to the grocery store in and do errands.

The cart is in need of new batteries and considering switching to lithium. Would like to pick up some speed (30-35 mph) when light, 25-30 miles range is fine for my needs. I have my EE from 20 years ago and am a geek, built my own drone and familiar with lipo, but don’t have time to take on a complicated project or play with this even though I would enjoy it. Girl friend will be driving it also so need something that doesn’t require too much TLC. I read the forums a fair amount on this topic.

My question is given the mission what would you recommend? Can I buy it from you and pay you to assist remotely with this?

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Yes, we can work something out. You will need over 100ah and close to 10kwh to get high mileage and performance.
I have a 12kwh Chevy Bolt 20s module. 160ah and near stock voltage. 74v nominal.
I can make it a near drop-in kit with only the mechanics of the install up to you.
This will include an active balancer/bluetooth monitor and charger reprogramming.
It does not include shipping or any type of warranty of safety or performance. You can find reviews by searching Bolt on the forum.

My green LiFePo4 batteries would require using two sets. It would be a tight fit, heavy, and almost as much money.

I also have a Tesla 3 battery. A single module is 240ah and about 20kwh. Same price.
The only issue with the Tesla is battery length. Being ~ 6’ long it needs modification of cross members to fit. Some are planning this for the ultimate long range high performance Gem battery. 85v or 93v nominal 23s or 25s module.
Plus, saying that you are Tesla powered should be worth something.

I will give as much support as needed for a Tesla kit, as it will be breaking new ground on battery fittment.


Our plan for Tesla module is to make a drawer between the frame and slide it in from the back.
Just like the ramp storage in a U-Haul truck, trailer, or pontoon.

Chevy Bolt is a Tried & Tested set up.
BUT the Tesla is supposed to be a better battery. A E6 would be a great platform for a Tesla Battery. If your a great DIY guy then the Tesla would be cool to do, if your looking for more of a turn key set up my vote would be then Chevy Bolt.

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You baited me and I am falling for it hook line and sinker. Love the idea of being Tesla powered, especially with a Model 3 module using the 2170 cells. Read some of the threads where you guys have talked about it.

I will be down at my shop with the cart tomorrow and want to see if I can envision a way to fit the pack in there. I love the idea of a slide in tray and have a couple other applications that I want to go electric on and having modules I could slide in and out would be a really cool potential,(pun intended)

You guys know the e4 better than I, how feasible is it? How much custom fab work? I will let you know my thoughts after I take a good look at it.

Lastly I know my Model 3 does a fair amount with cooling and heating the battery. Does the module itself have ports for the cooling fluid to flow through? I know it won’t be pushing the discharge/charge rates that I am in the car so it will be much less of an issue, but if a small simple setup could help with longevity would be interesting to consider. What are your thoughts on the thermal aspects of the battery?

Lastly how big/expensive of an undertaking would it be to add level 2 charging with a J1772?


First we should make this public.
The only problem is fitment. It is over my abilities, but should be an easy job for a fabricator.

Tesla module has two hose connections for cooling. Not needed I’m sure for our 300a peak load. Normal load is only 50a.
If you did use it, I think air cooling would be enough. Or gravity water cooling.

I will figure out the electrical if you can make it fit. A Tesla 3 battery at junk yard is $14,000. I got a one time deal on this one. (4 modules) For my disassembly labor.
They are all for sale if you have other ideas.

If you do this every one will want one.

  1. Over kill kwh. = narrow charging window=long life
  2. The best designed, lightest battery ever built.
  3. Super long range and high voltage performance 95v full charge. (or 103v 25s)

I can build level 2 chargers and adapters for DQ chargers. ~$300 kit. Ask Grant. He has one. I also have a fast charger 29a 2500w level 1 and 2. Grant is supposed to test one for me, but that may fall to you.
It would be worth lifting the Gem 4" if you don’t want to cut the frame.


I removed personal info. Let me know if you want something edited for the public.

Cooling ports and Tesla acquisition board.

MVC-005F MVC-006F

Do you think that you have the ability to attach balance leads to this edge connector?
Notice the fusable links. That would make it safe to work on.

However my supplier needs these boards sent abroad for some reason. Now that I think of it. Is that legal? This is pretty high tech to give to Pakistan. I bet it would end up in China. I don’t want to burn my source, but I hate the Chinese theft.
Rant over!

If I were able to clip links safely. There may be an edge connector that slides on. Need a couple slots to “key” the connector. I’ll do some research.

The Tesla 3 batt will fit under a E4 with no problem.


Tesla Battery is only 3 inches tall


With no frame cutting?

aluminum profile 4" x 13" 80" long?


Welcome to make this public.

I took some measurements last night also. On my 08 I think it would require some frame modification, but is not that difficult. I am looking at the same location you have under the frame. Would take out the old battery tray and would modify a cross member on the front steel frame. What are the exact dimensions of the 23s module? Location of the cooling ports and the electrical connections? My biggest concern was length. If it is 6 ft it would just fit with minor mods to the frame, much over 6’ft and it would become a much bigger project. The limitation is between the back major structural cross member and the rack and pinon.

MVC-004F MVC-009F MVC-010F MVC-011F MVC-012F

Looks like this would be perfect for a long bed EL

A while back, I measured my 02 longback, and it would fit perfectly tucked up between the frame rails under the bed. Can’t imagine that much changed on the 05-up models.

A 23s is ready to go.