Tesla model 3 battery module

19kwh 23s or 25s module
225ah 84v nominal (23s) 91v nominal (25s)

What are the dimensions and weight of the 23s?

I might be interested in the 25 module. I would have a 24s Bolt battery for sale or trade if so. You can PM me price if you want.

They are roughly 6’ long. 25s are 6" longer.
4" x 12"
Tesla are much higher kwh but a tough fit in a Gem, so less value to me.
Bolt is 160ah and Tesla-3 is 225ah. (From what I read)
Complete Tesla battery is 1,000lb.
~250lb per module.
I would trade for the bolt, but shipping is a killer.
List the Bolt. I should be able to get the Tesla shipped to you for what you get out of the Bolt.

I have the Tesla Modules on Facebook and Craigslist for $2500.

Let me do some measuring again.
I could make the drive again if the circumstances were right, it was not that bad.
What are the Max voltages on these packs? I am wondering what DQ profile might work best. As I don’t think a BMS is much of an option when you hundreds of cells. :slight_smile:

Bms is no problem. Paralleled internally, and two sets of balance leads brought out.
I think you will get plenty of range charging to 4v. 100v.
If 98v isn’t quit enough, I have an extra 96v charger. Cheap on Ebay too.

I don’t want to ship these. If you can figure out a way to use them in a Gem, it will be an easy sell for a 100 mile+ pack.

OK, you are quickly talking me into your test mule.
98.8/99V #177 Profile and I would guess they are good down to about 80/82v at 225ah that would be crazy range.
I got your PM, give me a day or so to do some measuring and math and I will be back to you.

Balance lead connections.

Solder leads to original gold bms tabs. IMO
Notice the visible fuseable links between fpcb and gold pads?
That gives you a second chance if you are shakey. :slight_smile:
It may be possible to find a connector of the same pitch, to solder direct the pads.

If you don’t have the ability of a brain surgeon, have a second person hold a divider on each side of pad while you solder. Or maybe kapton tape over neighboring pads.


The 23s would fit perfectly under my bed with a few custom brackets - that channel between the frame rails is 16" wide. It’s only 3" from the rails to the bed, so it would hang underneath just cover it with a plastic pan (cement mixing trough maybe?)

Unfortunately it’s 250lbs at the wrong end of a 2002 for not having a seat cushion shoved up your ass as the front end pogo-sticks down the road…

Just as well you don’t want to ship Dave and if I hadn’t just had to buy an implant, a crown and maybe a root canal, I’d probably be enough of a ̶g̶u̶l̶l̶i̶b̶l̶e̶ ̶i̶d̶i̶o̶t̶ ̶ scientific pioneer to try cramming the 84v one in there anyway.

Hi mike
I’m Avi i’m just riding your post ( almost one year !! ) I’m interesting by the tesla model 3 battery
and need some information about.
Did they have a bms built in ?
I have a boat project and plan to connect 2 module 3 Battery in parallel

wondering if an old Nintendo socket would work. (cutting its edges)

Measure one. I have not found a board edge connector of the right pitch.