18kwh 225ah Tesla3 Gem battery sold

Now completed. 2 wire connection. 450a smart bms.
39" x 15" x 7"
Check fitment between frame in a classic Gem.
22s 80v nominal. Conservative voltage version.

image MVC-017F


In case anyone is trying to do the math - that is an 80 - 100 mile GEM battery.


22s 82 volt.
May not fit in customers new E4. so next is a 20s and 24s from my last two 23s modules.
Hoping that the 20s will be only 32" long.

Pretty sure that would fit in a Ford Think with very little work. My next Think build will probably be getting one these.

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High voltage 24s version is ready to rock. Sold
Same price. 88 volt nominal.

Plexi cover for the rear of 22s . Should keep the road dirt out.


This 22s one is going from Mn. To Michigan tomorrow pm.
Anyone else along the way can save on shipping.

I may need something picked up in Ohio, Kansas, or N.C.

Anyone thinking about making this purchase I can say DO IT. I got the one that went to Michigan. It’s amazing, you will love your GEM so much more if you make this upgrade! If you want more info, see the thread I started on this topic (2013 GEM/Tesla).

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Can anyone tell me if there is more room for battery in an E6. Yes, still trying to find a home for the monster Tesla battery.
@2013GEMtruck has proven it fits in a truck.

Nope - I just measured one - same space from the rear of the spat to the back of the last set of seats.

Dang, thought they might have another battery compartment.
So, I wait for another truck.


So It looks like it would fit my frame, I’m willing to give it a go.
Battery tray is 26x40x12" max height.

What model and year?

Vantage Greentruck 2012

Oh, sorry. I talk to so many people that I forgot where we were. :frowning:
The Tesla battery would be great for that truck.

no worries will respond on e-mail now.