2013 Gem Battery Options

So I picked up (4) 2013 E6 Gems which come standard with the (9) 8v Gel batteries. They are all dead but looking to keep 1 and sell the other 3. Polaris dealer quoted me $1k less for (6) 12v Gel batteries but I was wondering if this messes up the charging algorithm or it doesn’t matter because either way it’s still 72V of Gel batteries?

I am not looking to make a huge investment in top of the line batteries for the other 3 as I am going to be selling them ( might decide to just sell without batteries) but are there any cheaper options out there and would it be a significant problem if I just went with AGM or lead acid batteries. I read that the charger might not charge these properly?

Thank you for the help, new to this so trying to see what options i have.

Think Tesla battery. Ask @MikeKC if it would fit.
100 mile range. Not much more than lead.
Are you near any members?

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The only way a Tesla battery would fit in a 13’ would be to sling in underneath. I am sure it could be done and I was in the preparation stages of doing so when I got my 16’ so I stoped.
Might try again in the spring.



I would be interested in a E6
Were are you located?

I might be interested in one of your E6’s as well (without batteries) depending on what you need out of them and your locaiton.

I’ll guess he’s on the N shore of Long Island NY


Located on Long Island, I will probably be posting them for sale within the next few weeks, once i checked the titles 3 are 2013’s and one is a 2012. Also one had some damage to the front windshield and roof from a tree falling on it so trying to find out if I will be listing it as a parts car or if someone thinks it’s worth fixing up.

they were all registered up till last year but prior owner said they sat so now I am trying to find out if i can salvage any of the batteries to see which ones start right up and seem to work ok. I will reach back out to you when I figure out which ones I will be putting up for sale. I am located on Long Island.

You may want to consider Lith-ion Cobalt batteries for lasting longevity and keep your existing charger.

I will start to look into those, I certainly want to figure out a good option for the car I plan to keep long term.

I have provided lithium cobalt same as tesla to over 500 ev conversions and 2000 carts for over 9 years. I also trained the first 500 employees to work at the fremont plant. I am the only person to have new lithium cobalt batteries for sale. Contact me if you need any help.

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I own a 2008 GEM e2, that I use daily for traveling to/from a golf course. Yes, I play golf as well. I have 6 gel batteries all working, no issues. I plan on keeping my GEM FOREVER, because I can drive safely 30-35 mph on city street to the golf course. When it is time, I wan to convert to Lithium ion. Lithium cobalt batteries and your background. I would like more information. Can you contact me offline? 702.972.3494