Set of 6 used OEM GEM 12V GEL batteries for sale

I upgraded my GEM e6 to a Lithium Pack from @LithiumGods. I’ve now got 6 OEM 12V Gel Batteries taking up space. They were still working fine when I installed the lithium pack and I have been keeping them topped off with a battery tender. Asking $50 ea. Available for pickup in Lakeland, FL.

@Old_Houseboater is this something you would be interested in?

How old are they, I might have an interest

I didn’t install them as they were in the GEM when I bought it in 2019 so I am not 100% on age though I think the A6 sticker on the battery may indicate a 2016 manufacture date? I was getting 15ish miles out of my E6 running with a MM running 32mph top end before I changed out to the lithium pack.

“I only want my gem to work for a little bit”

So I can just get to ur moms place lmao

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She said that just like your GEMs, you also suffer from significant performance issues .

On my way! I’ll till u what she says lol

Not with only 3 batteries you won’t.