Just Bought a GEM. Need Advice

Hey everyone! Found an opportunity to buy a GEM last week, so I’ve been lurking on the forum for about a week or so while considering. Decided to pull the trigger and picked up this 2008 E4 with stock 7HP motor. Thing is pretty cherry. I want to unlock its full potential. I ordered the MM from @Inwo already

Next I believe i need to replace the batteries.

The current batteries are the OEM 8G31 and haven’t been replaced for 4 or 5 years. The car is charging to full charge, but drops to limp mode after traveling a couple miles. Seems like a symptom of spent batteries? Lithium seems like the best option. I want to be able to use the car sooner than later, so maybe I should consider another set of gels before that endeavor? I also want to avoid introducing new problems before flushing out the old ones? A friend of mine can get a decent price on a set of Leoch batteries. Any advice would be appreciated.

other upgrades seem like bigger tires? lower gear ratio?

Thanks in advance.

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I sell the extended range lithium pack for Gems . A lithium upgrades gives most people all the range they can use and a lot more performance . Your GE 7hp will Love the upgrade . The conversion is not hard . The hardest part is mounting the battery

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After charging, get a load tester from Harbor freight and test each battery one at a time. Sometimes it maybe just be 1 or 2 bad batteries until you decide on Mike’s lithium batteries. New 8G31 Deka is about $240 ea