Bought a 2003 E825 and doesn’t work

Bought a 2003 GEM E825. Doesn’t work but it’s in great physical shape. Just ordered some new tires. Trying to figure out what I need to buy in order to get this thing running. Has lithium batteries and I would like to start there. Need recommendations for what batteries I should replace.

More details on the current batteries? How do you know they are bad?

Nothing works

Is it a flood car? Looks like the underside of the lid and the batteries got wet?

The batteries look similar to the ones on Elite Power Systems site.

It could be. Should I switch them out for Trojan batteries?


Myself and others would recommend to stick with lithium. Plenty of info on here for both options.

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check voltage on each cell . where are you located ?

In Atlanta GA. Any lithium tester you might recommend?

just use a volt meter to measure each cell

how many cells ? do you know anything about them ?

Must be 24s. Two layers maybe.
Looks like a $4k battery. Lifepo4 are tough and safe, see if they come back.
If they are near dead, connect 12v a trickle charger to the whole string. If it comes up to 14v, reconnect 1/2 of them. Then connect it to groups of 4, until all cells are over 2.8 volts. (or not) :slight_smile:

You think this battery setup was $4k? I am new to GEM and have no idea what I am doing. Was hoping I could just buy some Trojans for $1500 and get this thing working again.

Flooded lead acid batteries might be a bit cheaper but the maintenance is a nightmare. You basically carry six tanks of acid around that need to be watered regularly and are constantly dissolving some part of your GEM via corrosion.

Best performance and least maintenance I have found is the LiFePO batteries @Inwo and @LithiumGods have. I am currently installing a second set in a new 2001 e825. My other e825 amazes me every day with how well it is performing.


Yes that battery pack was very expensive . It still maybe good . If you really want to put in lead batteries we can help you out . Then you can just ship your old battery pack down to me for "proper disposal " :grinning:


Since you’ve not told us anything about the battery voltages I get the impression you don’t have a volt meter nor ever used one. You need to get one and learn to use it before messing with the GEM batteries. Especially lithium. Google “how to use a volt meter” and watch a couple of videos. Order any multimeter off Amazon and try measuring 1.5V off a standard household primary cell(battery). Then a 9V battery.

Then measure the voltage across each battery in your GEM and across the whole pack( you have to understand how batteries are connected together to look at and figure out what is the pack Positive and pack Negative terminals ).

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Tested all of the batteries and only one showed any juice. The rest were pretty close to flatlined. Bought some new tires. Was thinking of just buying 6 Trojan 30XHS batteries. Really want to find someone who can install the batteries and the tires and then do a tune up. Any suggestions?

FWIW I would try what @Inwo suggested earlier in this thread before replacing. Save you $1200 if it works.

I’m quite sure that @LithiumGods would pay for shipping on the chance some cells will recover.
It’s a very delicate charging procedure.

Purchased a trickle carver and am testing the cells. The four units in the front of the car are completely dead but the others are showing improvement. How long do I use the trickle charger on each and would it make more sense to use several chargers at once?