2003 E825 GEM, newbie

Hi everyone.

I am a new owner of this car, and I was told the batteries were dead.

I got many questions since I am new into this electric/batteries/charger

My current setup as follows
GEM 2003 E825
charger Zivan NG1 with a sticker that said Micro upgraded 12 increased T3 Extended (what’s these mean?)

6 (presumable dead batteries) made by Werker -wkg12-100DT, GEL battery, 780 MCA, 550 CCA, 98 A.H @20 HR

I know I have to replace all batteries at once!, but how can I troubleshoot the Zivar charger before buying the batteries?

I heard the gel batteries are way to expensive, so I am trying to figure out how I am going tackle this.

By reading the forum, I understood that batteries and chargers have to be compatible with one another. it seems that my current setup, is for Gel batteries, can I use deep cycle acid batteries like Trojan with the same controller that I currently have or need to be send to re-program it? or needs to be replace it?

Before spending money on the batteries how I could tell that the charger is working?


when I turned the ignition on everything is dead, the only thing I could see is a red light blinking and a buzzer making noise, but no errors on the screen, the fan on the charger its not spinning, so I’ m guessing that the battery system is depleted.

As I said I got the car 3 days, ago, the only info that the seller told me that the batteries were dead.

So I would appreciate any help and advise what type of batteries I could buy without breaking the bank, and how to troubleshoot the charger.

I did plugged the charger with electricity and check for a voltage, I didn’t get any readings from the charger. I use a regular electronic multimeter.

I took safety precautions by disconnecting the power switch on/off from the GEM car but with the same results zero readings.

my last question can I use a regular multimeter to check the voltage on a gel batteries? I am trying to salvage some of these batteries for another solar project, if there are any good!



I have moved your thread to the GEM section.



you might try using an automotive charger to individually charge each battery, not sure on the GEM chargers but many will not attempt to charge if they don’t see enough voltage from the battery bank. Have you put a voltmeter on each battery yet to see what each reads? I just purchased 6 new US Battery US12VXC2 for $199ea. You would need to make sure the charger is programmed for flooded but the controller on the GEM should not care.

Your problem has been addressed several times in the past, Please take a couple of hours to read the posts in the GEM sub forum under - Golf Carts Neighborhood Vehicles and Low Speed Vehicles. Then come back with any unanswered concerns.