GEM E4 dead - please help!

Well, I left my GEM in the garage for about 2 months without charging it. I knew better, but life got in the way I guess. It has a Zivan upgraded charger and the batteries should be in pretty decent shape. Anyways, when I plug it in I get a fast alternating high/low audible alarm and a flashing red light. I suspect the batteries are completely drained so I was going to charge each battery individually, but the charger I have will only let me charge the first battery in the chain.

Does anyone have any idea what I can do to fix this?

“but the charger I have will only let me charge the first battery in the chain.”

Not sure how that could be. It is possible you have five bad batteries.

If flooded, check water level in the cells. If low, add only enough water to cover the plates. Using a 12 volt automotive charger, charge each individual battery for an hour or two. Then plug in the Zivan charger. If the charge is succesfull (green light), recheck the water level in the cells. If unsuccesfull, open master switch and do a voltage test and load test to discover any damaged batteries.


Ok this looks close to my issue. Hey guys I picked up this gem car last night and when I plug it in the charger just beeps. I know the previous owner left it uncharged for 3 months. Do I need to disconnect that batteries and charge them individually with a 12V charger or can I leave them as they are wired.

Any advice will be MUCH appreciated


It is not necessary to disconect the batteries. Just charge each battery one at a time. This will take hours to complete. Then plug in the on board charger.


And don’t use a “smart charger” as it will not begin charging a severely dead battery. Use a plain old constant voltage “dumb” charger.