2002 GEM E825 charging issue

Over the winter, I did not charge my GEM for several months. When I plug it in now, the is an audible alarm and a sturdy red flash light on the steering wheel. Prior owner put in Duracell marine/rv batteries.

Does anyone know, is this alarm signaling batteries are dead, or is there an issue with the charging system on the GEM? I have located the 2 large batteries in the front of the GEM, but I’ve seen reference to posts in these forums about 6 batteries on the GEM. Is this true? Where can I find the other 4?

Thank you very much in advance for any thoughts, guidance and suggestions.

Your batteries are dead. There has to be a minimum voltage in the batteries for the on board charger to start working. Charge each battery with a 12 volt charger then your charger should take over.

I’d be interested in knowing why you let the cart set so long without charging. GEM battery packs should be charged every 2 weeks when setting.

Thanks for the help. I did attempt to charge the batteries, but still received the alarm when I plugged the Gem in. I think I’ll take the batteries to an auto parts store to see if they can test them. Do you know, are here just the 2 batteries located in the front end?

That’s a reasonable question. I acquired the Gem in a barter and really don’t know anything about maintaining or working on it. It wasn’t a priority over the winter. Big mistake I now realize from the issues I’m having.

Should be another 4 batteries under the seat, total of 6 batteries.