Gem car no powe

I was given to me a gem car e825 and it doesn’t work.the batteries are charged but have no power when I turn the key on.also when I plug power to the charging port the charging light on the steering wheel flashes red and the car beeps.i need help!!

If you have no experience i suggest you take it to your dealer. Suggest you read all posts in the GLOBAL ELECTRIC MOTOR section. Your problem is not unique but has too many probable causes to shotgun with out more information.

Sounds like a battery problem. Clean All connections and check voltage on each battery then overall voltage. If it was setting a long time without attention bad batterys are the usual suspect.

Where you able to find your problem?

No I have not figured it out yet! Any ideas?

I actually just got one with no power! Was hoping you figured it out. I have not had time to check batteries; I will probably get all new ones

Didn’t want to have to spend too much so soon

The first thing you have to tell us is all of the information about the car. The more you tell the forum about your car, the better the information you will receive. Year, 2 seat/4 seat, battery type and model #’s, voltage reading on the battery bank, ect… Next would be a little information about your technical abilities… From there you’re going to have a learning experience because there are several different types of chargers, controllers, battery types, chargers, controller & charger settings, upgrades, etc. You will need to document what your car has installed in it today.
You have access to some of the most experienced and talented Gem Car people around. Give us some information so we can help you…

If this sounds like to much for you, then you may want to take it to a dealer or post it for sale on the forum… :rockon:

The onboard GEM charger won’t work if the pack voltage is below a certain threshold.

The following process has been addressed many times in this forum. If the batteries have been ignored too long, they’re probably junk by now but you can try the following and hopefully get lucky!

  1. Check water levels in each cell (assuming they are flooded lead acid). Fill each cell as needed with distilled (not tap) water and not battery acid to at least cover the plates.
  2. Flip the master disconnect switch (mine is under the seat) to off. This breaks the series connection in the pack and removes power from the GEM.
  3. Using a standard 12v battery charger, charge each battery “round robin” fashion until they are all fully charged. You do not have to remove any cables, just turn the master switch off. You may need to do this a couple of times to bring the pack up sufficiently to charge normally with the onboard charger. If you have a voltmeter, check the voltage on each battery; they should all be over 12v. If you have a hydrometer, check each cells specific gravity. If either one of the above tests is too far “off” for any one battery or cell that indicates it’s junk and will need replaced.
  4. Flip master disconnect back on .
  5. Plug in the GEM charger and charge the pack as normal and hope for the best.

My personal opinion is to NOT replace individual batteries “as needed” but the entire pack at one time with 6 “manufacture-date matched” units but others may differ.

Good luck.


1999 2-Seater Gem E825, 4 Trojan T-1260 and 2 Duracell Procell batteries. Was told it’s been sitting for a year without use.

The car may or may not have problems but mixed batteries sitting for a year is the obvious starting point. It will cost you an absolute minimum of $620 at Orilies for a set of MDC31’s which are the least expensive battery that will properly operate your GEM. A set of proper Dekas or Trojans will cost more, (lots)

You need a good set of batteries to determine if you have any other problems.

Expensive items in terms of possibilities are 1 Charger 2 Controller 3 Motor
4 DC/DC converter 5 Gearbox

Brakes for sure if it was setting. $30 a wheel for parts From Ebay.

If you got it for free it’s worth fixing up if you can do the work your self. Old GEM’s are a labor of love for skilled hobby type guys. Their a money pit for anyone having to utilize dealer service.


Batteries first it is! Once batteries are in, what will determine motor or controller problem. What is the main difference between a 1999 and a later model, and can they be updated, as opposed to fixing them, ie brakes

Is MDC 31 a brand or just Marine Deep Cycle and 31 meaning?

99 thru 01 3.5 HP 8.9 gearbox T1 controller - open DC/DC converters -Shott Chargers -Bad Parking brakes. DC/DC Converters and brake lever assys. recalled and replaced under warrenty. Schott went out of business - most units equipped with Zivan chargers.

Mid 02 thru 04 5HP 10.35 Gearbox T2 controller Zivan charger

05 to present Motors have gone from 5 to 7 HP Controllers T3 then T4 - Gearboxes have gone to 12.44 and back to 10.35 - DeltaQ supplies chargers - Complete redesign of front ends mainly improved steering effort Disc brakes - Redesigned Electrics and body panels.

MDC = Marine deep cycle. 31 is the size 105 AH about 60 pounds. Not a true Golf Cart “GC” battery. Will last 3 years if properly charged and serviced. Cost about 40+% less than a true Golf Cart battery, Presently in my 4 seater. IMHO best are manufactured by East Penn sold under lots of brand names.

Lots of options on batteries, Considerations are cost - capacity - how you use the car - Terrain in operating area - how long you intend to keep the car - ego

I just got it and plan on getting it back up and running; it’s not going anywhere. I have two acres of land, so street use around the neighborhood and maybe in the back yard. Planes on getting it running then painted etc…