GEM car has no power...any advice?


I’m a relatively new GEM car owner, and have an issue with mine. During the winter months here in Idaho, my GEM sits idle in my garage. I am pretty good about remembering to charge it every week or so, but I forgot to have someone check on it while I was on vacation for about a month. I attempted to use the GEM yesterday (after I had plugged it in for 10+ hours to charge), but when I turned the key, nothing happened. The panel didn’t flash the charge to me (there were no lights, words or beeps) and I could not turn on the headlights or anything.

When I plug in the vehicle, it sounds as if it’s charging like normal. Please tell me that I may have blown a fuse or something, and that the batteries aren’t dead!

Is there any recommendation for what I need to do? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Any chance that last time you were working on it you turned off the master switch and forgot to turn it back on? Otherwise, I’d be checking the battery voltage for a full 72 volts. And then there is the master fuse under the dash on the passenger side…

Check your battery voltage with a voltmeter first. This will determine the battery voltage levels - 11.5v minimum for the charger and control system to work. If any batts are low, charge them individually with a 12v-10a car battery charger. Then try powering up the car again. Make sure the Master Disconnect Switch is turned On. Check your Owner’s manual - if you require a new one download it free at Global Electric Motorcars For further technical assistance email

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Hi NAUgrad2005,

don t worry, I had the exact same thing happen to me after a 6 week vacation. My batteries all had ample voltage.
It turned out to be a blown fuse in the 12 Volt system. I first checked all the fuses in the main fuse panel ( under the hood on the passenger side against the firewall ). That was not it. So I removed the dash board cover, and checked the panel for the 12 Volt converter ( mounted on the passenger side, all the way to the right ) . There are 2 x 10amp fuses on that circuit board, the inner one was blown.

Good luck, Hart

Hey HART, your vehicle, if you didn’t know, by the way you described it, is under a Recall for that converter, released by GEM in 2006. Call GEM Customer SVC for the update at 866.764.0616.

My vehicle is also included in the recall, and I’ve made arrangements with the closest GEM dealer (Salt Lake City, about a 6 hour drive) to have the recall work done. However, they’re telling me that the batteries must be working in order for them to know that the new electrical panel is working properly. I bought a battery charger at Walmart and my dad has been charging the batteries individually for me, although the charger keeps getting an error message after a few hours. I’m going to try using an older-style charger on them this weekend because I think that they may not be charging as fast as the charger thinks they should, and the charger is automatically shutting down.

I really would like to avoid having to buy new batteries, particularly since the batteries were new when I purchased the vehicle in 2007. I’m not 100% certain if the batteries are gel batteries or lead batteries. The label on them says LichPower DJM1290, and they’re completely sealed. I did a Google search on the name, but I didn’t really come up with any useful results.

Anyone have any good info or suggestions?


NAUgrad - the automatic 12-volt car battery chargers don’t work, much like you are seeing - it shuts down prematurely. Try an older model that doesnt shut off. This will work. Get the voltages up and the car should turn on. I think what you are looking for Leoch. Regardless they are sealed lead acid, but not a very reputable battery. If they were new in 2007 I guess they did their job. I would say replace cuz more likely they may not recover since they were dead but they can be cycled and then tested for health. Perhaps try what GEM is recommending and install an actual approved GEL battery for the car - 12 VOLT GEL BATTERY, DEKA 8G31, I will try using an older charger. I can’t justify (nor afford) to put in 6 batteries at $265 each when I’m only able to use the vehicle for about 4-5 months here in Idaho, so if I have to replace the batteries, I will need to find a lower priced option.

I hear ya there - personally speaking i bought those batteries, and I am seasonal like you and i got 5.5 yrs out of those batteries!

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I recently bought a 2005 GEM ES at an auction. The car didn’t start and I was told by auction personnel it needed to be charged. I have charged it for 15 hours and the car has no power, nothing illuminates and the lights don’t work. I checked the fuses in the main panel and the 15 amp fuse in what seems to be the power inverted under the hood. I took off the dashboard cover and I don’t see any other fuses, specifically the (2) 10 amp fuses near the passenger side fire wall mentioned in other post.

Please help. Does my car have these other fuses under the dash?

What is the battery voltage? The on board charger will not charge a totally dead battery. If your GEM has six 12 volt batteries, you can manually charge them, one at a time, with a 12 volt automotive charger. Give each battery several hours. Then plug in the GEM charger and see if it starts charging on its own. You should hear a beeping sound and see a light come on.


sorry to bring up this old topic but i am having this same issue with a GEM that i am working on. I changed the batteries but am still getting the charger saying that it is not seeing the battery bank. i did check to make sure the main disconnect is on.

I pulled the dash off and am not finding these fuses. does anyone happen to have a pic of them?

Its a 05 e4 if it mattered at all.

Thanks ahead of time

what year model was the recall on the gem ?

It is frustrating I sent my Zivan NG1 to California they rebuilt it and cost $690.00 3 months later the turn signals fuse blew Brake lights blew and the charger won’t come on won’t even show a light on the display I can’t afford another charger I hope they will honor the warranty but what else could do this?I know how you feel same problem dead.

But what caused the fuse to blow? and are they silver?I lifted my dash and saw two silver plugs like a flasher fuse on a car under the dash is that the fuse?

I have a 2001 Gem 825, won’t charge. No beeping not charging light. Nothing. Have to charge each one of the batteries separate. Batteries are all brand new.


The batteries were new in 2007. Have you had a look at the calendar lately?

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we have a new 2015 Gem 2e that hasn’t ran for several months, I purchased a new Q charger from battery Pete but found out since its a Gem cart the charger sent is not a direct replacement. Hence is was missing a cable that supplies 13.5 volts to the dash and other components. So I took the top card out of old charger and installed in new charger thinking that would solve my problem, checked everything I did to make sure I installed correctly. After applying voltage to the new charger and top card it blew a 20 amp fuse on the top card I installed, I pulled charger back out of cart and pulled top cover off and rerouted my wires to put power back to new unit. Some how and I don’t know how that top board transformer shorted on me. Very strange it would do that after installing in new charger since all it does is take 72 volts and reduce it to 13.5 volts. Anyone have an idea of what might of caused that and if I can just take power from one 12 volt battery and power up all my dash and be ok?