What batteries are best for 2002 Gem e825

First let me say I am brand new to this forum but have been reading posts for a couple of weeks. Amazing site with a ton of knowledge!! After all this reading I’ve come to find that I was sold the wrong batteries two years ago when I bought my Gem car. They were a Napa wet battery 31RVS.
I have researched a little on a few batteries; Trojan T 1275 ($288), US Battery US 12V XC2 ($267), Crown CR 155 ($300) and lastly the Deka (gel) 8G31 ($428). I am also looking for a watering system for the wet batteries for the ease of watering them and looking at replacing my charger with the Ride4fun supercharger. Note prices are Canadian dollars, argh!!
I have a couple of questions before I buy a new set.

  1. Am I in the right direction?
  2. Are these the right choices for batteries?
  3. Will this charger work with these batteries choices?
  4. Would this charger work for lithium batteries ( future as I can’t affford yet)?
  5. Any extra advice?

Thanks in advance,

I invited Rodney, our battery expert.

There is no affordable turn key lithium solution that I know of.
If you are a hobbyist, you can do a small lithium conversion for no more that the prices you mentioned.

Why the new charger?
How many miles/charge are you looking for?

I have installed a set of Trojan T1275’s today. They are a 150amp battery and give 25+mile range. They have a history of exceeding 5+ years life. They are probably the toughest battery built and can handle more abuse than any other type. They DO require water make up periodically, to me not a big deal. I have a 1/4 bulb pump and 4 feet of tubing that I drop into a jug of DI water and manage to top off with out over filling. These puppys are heavy and the car rides better for it. My cart will do 40 MPH and is a bit slower on acceleration than a light cart. However: were in fairly flat land so I’m Happy Happy Happy.

The AGM and GEL offer freedom from having to maintain fluid level and may last an extra year. How ever they are only a 95 or 100 amp hour so 20 miles is tops on a good day. Also a bit pricy.

IMHO Lithium is for the guy who enjoys the technology, light weight and performance characteristics that this technology provides. However these units require charge management to get the most out of them and this is a rats nest of wires and connections with many potential failure points that just simply don’t exist with the other type battery’s. In addition you need to know how to service them because there is basically no service available other than the few guys that contribute to this and other enthusiast forums. 10 years from now they may be main stream . IMHO the guys that are doing this route now are pioneers and should get kudo’s for their efforts. But for Joe Six Pack who just wants to turn the key and ride “Not So Much”

What say you?



Yep the Lithium is a hassle if you are not an electrician or an electrical engineer.
I met a Professor of Physics that did a Lithium conversion. It was easier for
him; he was a quick study.

The ebay seller sells the Lithium Pack prepackaged wiith BMS for about $2500 at the $78V level we want for GEMS


The charger seems to charge once when plugged in and does not charge again. I am new to the knowledge of batteries but I thought it might be better and prolong the life to have a charger that “trickle” or “float” charges them when not in use.

We use the Gem car at our vacation place in Northern Washington on weekends and a few weeks of holidays in the summer. We usually are able to use it between April and October. We drive about 12-15 miles per day mostly flat with two small hills.

Up till now during the winter I unplug and replug the cart in once every second weekend or so depending when we are there. It is stored outside under a canvas cover.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,

Some use a timer to turn it on from time to time. Leaving it plugged in.

Great idea! Would save a ton of money to pay for the batteries. Would a regular outdoor three prong timer work?

Make sure it’s a heavy duty model. 1200 to 1500 watts.

Just passed 9 years (date code C8) with my Deka 8G31’s. They are a bit tired but still going.

I plugged my E825 into this $10 charger to provide power to charge for 8 hours per week.
Woods 50002 Indoor 7-day Heavy Duty Mechanical Outlet Timer https://www.amazon.com/dp/B006LYHE1M/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_qESZybA90K67K

For batteries I went with Wal-Mart Everstart deep cycle batteries at $99 each. Sure Trojans are better but over double the price.

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Hi Rodney,
I’ve decided to get the T1275 batteries and the Hydrolink watering system for my 2002 Gem e825. Just two questions I am hoping you can help with first:

  1. Will my stock Zivan charger be able to fully charge and handle the larger ah rated batteries?
  2. As these are quite a bit larger than the original 30XHS batteries, any suggestions on how to secure the T 1275’s?

Thanks in advance,

Zivan will probably do it. On my 09 I use the stock hold downs.

These batteries were suggested for our 2002 Gem - Does anyone have experience with these ?

Duracell Ultra Deep Cycle Battery

  • Lead Acid Type: Deep Cycle
  • Cold Cranking Amps: 650
  • Battery Type: Basic
  • Capacity 20hr: 105AH
  • Chemistry: Lead Acid
  • Cranking Amps: 800


Not familiar with that FLA battery, I have found the Trojan SCS225 at 130AH and about 10# heavier than the Duracell to work well.

Problem with flooded lead acid is constant maintenance due to the chemical reaction you need to manage. Not just plug and play for long if you don’t check water level and connectors for corrosion.

You get what you pay for in batteries, if a long term investment is considered, IMO one of the LiPo battery mods discussed on the forum would be my choice. That or a new cart is my next idea.

Trojan 30XHS is the correct battery for the 2002 e825

Don’t bother with the watering system