2005 gem e4 charger

Hi…charger (delta q) does not activate. No LEDs. Batteries fully charged. Please advise. Time to replace?
Thank you!

I pulled my DeltaQ out as fubar, replaced with a ride-4-fun unit (no instructions included?). Lots of battery issues before and after, blah, blah, blah…
Gave the DeltaQ away only to hear that there is an INTERNAL fuse! Couldn’t check that out as it was gone, but have a nagging itch to know if that is true.
Anyone out there know if there is truth to this rumor? Maybe it will help you.

Internal fault is often a fuse. I have not seen an input fuse blow in an otherwise working charger.

The connection on the input pigtail is prone to failure however.

The problem with fuses is that they usually don’t blow without a good reason. That condition must be properly diagnosed and corrected or it will blow the next fuse that is installed.

The legendary fuse in the DQ is not considered a user serviceable component. It is buried quite deep, involves disassembly of the charger just to get to it, then some tricky soldering to replace. It is also a specialty fuse and not easy to find.

I hope this scratched your nagging itch. If this itch develops to a rash, consult your physician.

Thank you, all. Bottom line…would you recommend I purchase a new charger, or take to the dealer for diagnostic evaluation?

I guess I don’t know how common isolated charger failure is over a 17 year period.

@mlm - In your Description above (Why do you have 2 accounts?) you did not say what you did to determine your charger was not working other than “it did not have any lights”.

  • Clarify → Were you looking at the Status Panel on the charger and found it dark?
  • Did you check that you had power at your extension cord that you were jacking into your car? (GFI tripped?)
  • Check for power going into the car all the way up through the pigtail.
  • See if you can scrounge up a power cord from a computer or monitor and bypass the front plug/pigtail and hook up to the charger directly.
  • When plugged in, does a small yellow power cord icon appear on your dash?

Your first post mentions:

Batteries fully charged

How did you determine this?
How does this happen if your charger is not working?

Hi…Not sure about the two accounts. I verified Power and put on a new cord from an outlet to the input side of the charger still no LEDs. The batteries were charged by external chargers to 12.6 or above. using flooded deep cycle batteries that have been working great for the last two years. when I plug in there is no power light on the display. When I turn the key on, it does show a battery power of green except less 2 lines. Do you think I should just order a new charger or do you think I need to take it in for dealer diagnostics?

Ok. I’d say you did the proper diagnostics and should start sniffing around for a new charger.
Ebay, Craigslist are a good source of parts, but do your checking up on the seller.
Or you can see if FSIP might be able to repair this one.

I will. Thank you again for the guidance!