Hello all. I can out this morning and my 2005 E4 hadn’t charged last night. When I plug it nothing happens. I have checked the outlet and the cord(s) that I use and all are checking out. I checked fuses but don’t see any blown and frankly don’t know how the fuses would effect the Charger.

When plugged in NO LIGHTS come on the charger. I have followed the cords under the hood and everything is attached and in very good shape.

Is the there a circuit breaker/fuse on the charger? Is the charger fried?

I hate to take it out of service. Please and advice on a fix!!

Nothing external keeps standard Gem charger from booting up and lights coming on.
Only fuse is internal. Won’t blow unless there are other problems.
I’ve had some success with DQ repair. Less than 50%. Don’t know of anyone else who does repairs.
You can get them factory refurbished. I believe near cost of new.
I also have a few new and used on hand.

So are you saying you think it is just blown?

How much are the Delta-Qs you have on hand?

Seems that way.
$250 used
$350 new

The two used ones are Gem versions. Newer programmable models.
New ones are generic Delta-q that work in anything. Even AGM or lithium.
What batteries do you have?

After you take yours out, plug it in one more time to double check that it’s dead.

Could a power surge blow the internal fuse?

Possible, once the charger is out easy enough to check.

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check the back of the socket in the lower rear seat area. if the male plug’s pins get any oxidation on them there will be resistance and heat. Get too much oxidation and the heat will burn the wire and maybe melt and come loose.

So before you pull the charger, look at the male input connection thoroughly.

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I will but would that keep the charger from lighting up?

Yes, it has to do with getting 110VAC from your house outlet to the input of the charger. You said you checked the house outlet and the extension cord but didn’t mention the path from the male plug on the GEM to the charger.

The 2002 I just bough had a hideous amount of oxidation on the socket of the extension cord the previous owner used(I got that with the vehicle) and on inspecting the male plug on the GEM, it was partially melted and cracked and I had to cut about an inch off the wire to get to unburned wire when installing the new marine connector.

Ok so I fixed it. It was the “Internal Fuse”. There is an external fuse port and it had a fuse in it. Once I got the charger off and popped the top, what I discovered is that the fuse is bypassed by the exact same fuse but with pigtails. Not sure why (assumably to require a service call). I simply just eliminated the bypass and wired it as it should be with external fuse access. Plugged it in and it works perfect and NOW I can change the fuse if ever it would arise again.


I have the Same problem I am gonna pull out my charger as well and open and check the fuse well I need a new fuse or how and what did u bypass to make this happen

Did you ever get Delta Q working? I have touched green wire to ground and searching for repair. I only located one internal fuse