Delta-Q wanted

Anyone have a working 72v agm charger for not a lot of money?
Need one until I can get mine pulled.
I may just leave it in.
Original has the dc-dc converter built in. Which is working.

Almost new one for $250.
Good deal?

IF it has the AGM algorithm. many don’t.

If you don’t have the intigrated charger BDI functions could be compromised

Yes, the battery gauge shows empty, It doesn’t seem to affect the car.
I’m just not able to get the old one out right now.:frowning:
I believe limp mode comes from the controller.
I’ll know after one more battery gets charged.
Then I’ll find out how much of a beating I took.:smiley:

How do I know if it has agm?

You have a PM

Fixed it…

Looking for algorithms.

Any one have lithium or AGM algorithms in their DQ?