2013 E2 factory charger with DC-DC charger issue

I am working on a 2013 GEM E2 and the factory DeltaQ charger failed. At some point the previous owner had another DeltaQ installed under the seat but it does not have DC-DC converter and the original charger remained for the DC-DC converter. I would like to relocate the new charger to the original location so I can get to the batteries to service them regularly but I need help to install a new DC-DC converter on the PSDM. I have the service manual, but the schematics are so broken up it is hard to follow and put together because of all the different small breakdowns of the circuits. I cannot find a complete schematic.
Also, has anyone had issues with the shunt resistor failing on the PSDM so the dash module does not read the state of charge of the batteries properly? Is there a quick fix for this or do you have to replace the whole display unit.
Thanks in advance for any help!!

I all sounds related. Replace the charger or have it rebuilt.
Next time charging, plug in the original charger to see if any leds come one. If they do the SOC should advance.

The charge has to go thru the factory system or soc wont work . You need to replace the Deltaq with one that has the dc converter . I have done a few , not that hard .

The charger has been sent in and cannot be rebuilt for some reason. When you plug in the charger it trips a 20 amp breaker in the building.

so you cannot install a shunt resistor and get it read the SOC? The 2 wires that are supposed to be for the SOC have 1.35 volts on a 1.4 volt signal. when I try to measure the shunt resistor, I get nothing. There is no way to make it work. Unfortunately whoever worked on this before already replaced the charger with one that does not have the DC-DC converter built in, that is why I need to figure out how to install one not part of a charger. Thanks for the help.

Shunts are pretty much bullet proof. Is the new charger current even going through the shunt?
You already have a discrete dc to dc converter. Installing one outside the charger will not change anything.
To use what you have now, connect your auxiliary charger to the same place as the oem.
Most importantly the green interlock wire.
Disconnect the oem green wire and connect the green wire from the new charger to the psdm. Then it will track charge progress.
Don’t forget to connect the temp sense to the new charger.
I don’t understand your reluctance to replace the bad charger. :thinking:
@LithiumGods or myself can sell you one for <$400.
If you send me your oem charger, I will install your plugs on the new one and program to your battery type.


Not following. I don’t know of a place to measure an analog voltage related to soc, other than B+.
To test the shunt you need a low reading ohmeter. But if it reads zero ohms, close enough.

I am not reluctant to replace the old charger, I am just trying to work with the guy who I am fixing it for gave to me as a driving car. He just wants the car to work like it should but also have the charger mounted in the front. Unfortunately whoever worked on it before did an install of a standard 72 volt DeltaQ charger under the seat covering the batteries.
The new charger was not going through the shunt, it was hooked up directly to the batteries.
It is interesting the temp sensor is the positive lead on the Gem car while the on the new charger the temp sensor is on the negative lead, like I see on golf carts. I some how burned up the temp sensor on the positive posts of the battery, can I use the one on the from the negative leads on the positive side or should I replace it with one from Gem?
What would it cost for you to sell me a charger that would work with the OEM system, I can install the plugs on the new one if it has the same wires or if you can tell what to hook up where. I do a lot of golf carts so I am familiar with electronic systems that is why this guy called me. There is no Gem dealer even close to where we are. I like this thing and now my wife wants me to get one for her. I would like to get more familiar with them to be able to work on them more.
I appreciate all your help.

There are 2 wires going into the display that are shown on the wiring diagram that I found in the service manual and it says it should be 1.4 volts. On D2 pin B (YL/DG) and C (GY/DB) on the display. This is where I got the voltage to measure

Ok, the shunt is ok then from your test. I’m surprised it would have that much voltage drop. Maybe it’s an electronic “shunt”. No matter.
Connecting the charger you have correctly will fix the issue, but not get it upfront.
Almost impossible to burn up a sensor. It does not “connect” to a battery terminal. The big lug has no electrical connection It only senses temperature. Look for about 10k ohm to test.
You can buy the one linked or I can sell one for $350 and work with you on getting it connected.
The only difference between a Gem and Generic charger is the profiles and plug type.

Notice that there is no “Gem” green interlock wire. After you get the charger, I’ll show you the connection.

You keep talking about a shunt . I’m unfamiliar with a shunt on this year , can you take a picture of it ? Your making this harder than it needs to be . Ship old charger to Inwo he will modify the cables on the new one and program it for the type of batteries the Gem has . install it like the factory one and your done .

Also It doesn’t matter where you connect the temp sensor to .

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Inwo, how much to buy the correct charger and have you change the plug?
I did burn up the sensor somehow, a flame shot out of the side of it. I am still not sure what I did wrong there. So I know I need a new one of the those, do you have them too? How much if you do?
What is the turn around time?
How have you learned so much about these?

$450 will include a sensor, programming, and shipping to you.
Before the low cost NOS chargers became available, I repaired a few DQ chargers. That and working on my own Gems.
What is wrong with the original charger? Dead, no leads? Or fault code?

Inwo, what you are selling is not a DeltaQ charger?
What do you think about the charge for $275 shown above from EV Drives? Could you help me get that hooked up so the car works properly with that one?
When I plug in the original charger, it pops the breaker in the breaker panel in the shop. I tried without it plugged into anything on the car as well and same result. There is a sticker on it from FSIP saying nonrepairable as well so at some point someone sent in for repair.
Thanks again for the help!

Yes, a generic DCI DeltaQ charger.
Ask the seller if they will support it.
@LithiumGods has new chargers also. He may do it for less.
I have a full plate this week.

I understand you being busy and appreciate your help and time.
I will order the one from EV Drives, I have bought from them before and they are good to deal with.
Do you mind helping me get the correct connections made once I get the charger?
I can find the temp sensor online.

You’re on your own with the ev drives charger. It takes me more time to help convert it, than it takes to do it myself.
That being said, you may get it connected on your own. It’s not rocket science.:slight_smile:

Then I do not want to do that, is the charger you sell just as good as the DeltaQ?