Delta Q charger install

Hey guys, I’m looking for someone who can clarify the installation of the new charger for my Ford Think. I just received the Delta Q 912-7200, and I have 4 wires. Should I follow the diagram provided in the charger TSB? It has you cut the black and green interlock wire from the cluster connector and connect it to the green wire of the charger. Orange and black from the cluster connector and splice it into the black wire of the charger. What should I do with the white wire at this point? Maybe I’m over thinking it I would appreciate any info if possible! I got a really good deal on the charger, but it also came with zero instructions. I just put brand new batterys in, had the cluster rebuilt and just got this charger. Looking forward to being done and able to ride.

White wire connects to a temperature sensor.
Green wire supplies battery voltage to interlock. Be sure it is not short circuited. Will blow an internal fuse.

And make sure the charger profile is set to your battery type.

I believe the Ford Think likes to see a ground signal on the interlock not a power signal but I could be wrong (Hense why I am asking for help) My current temperature sensor is a two wire sensor. The correct algorithm has been set. Im trying to figure out how to correctly wire in the delta 910-7200 to the Ford Think.

Generic dq charger may have a relay interlock also. Any other wires? You may have the wrong charger.
White wire and b- (black) are the sensor connections. About 10k ohm at room temp.