Didnt take good pictures when i went to change my batteries!

Ok, so i replaced my batteries in my Ford think neighbor with the yellow and black charger (Delta Q?) And didnt snap a picture of where this white wire goes to.

I pulled the frame that goes over the top of the batteries and the hand brake and have 1 unknown white wire with a ring terminal that goes into a harness and travels under the frame on the passenger side and then comes back in to the pillar area. It isnt the small B1 negative because that is labeled.

This has about a foot of white wire and then it is soldered with shrink tube and continues on wrapped in orange tape and goes into the harness i mentioned.

Please save my stupidity!

Thanks, Eric.

Looks like the temperature sensor for charger. Connects to B-.

Thank you i figured it out. You are correct. I found the delta battery charher tsb and it was in there.

Ya it is the temp sensor and goes to the battery ground post