Mystery wires! anybody want to educate me?

Tracking down Gremlins. Discovered a 2 wire harness. one 12 gauge black wire is attached to battery 6- terminal and controller B- lug. 2nd wire parallels 1st , and is unattached, hanging out near the controller & has a shielded female blade connector.

Does this serve a purpose? and is it even wired correctly. Know slightly less than nothing, but seems odd to be connected to the battery positive and the controller negative.

  1. What year car is this?

  2. It sorta sounds like you are describing the batt temp sensor, but if it is up by the controller then someone was being creative in it’s placement.

Does it sorta look like this?

  1. Where do these wires go? If they dive to the harness, are there other wires also going into the harness at this point? Can you trace where these other wires come from or their wire colors?

2003 with a (factory?) modified charger/dc converter/pwb install. My guess is these wires were part of that changeover. Definitely not the FH5.

1 wire bolted to the - terminal of the motor controller (RH top in photo). Seems strange to me. You can refer to my previous post to get some information on my woes. Thanks

These wires are not part of any harness.

One photo did not go through

That last pic looks like a temp sensor to me.
Don’t be fooled by the wires running into that big lug. The wires (usually) don’t electrically connect to the lug. The sensor embedded in there just gets a thermal reading off the battery plates.

The sensor may not even be used by your present charger and possibly abandoned.
Sorry you are having woes.
I will review your previous post when I get a sec.

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Yep, looks like that to me too.

Well, I’ll have to agree then. Thanks.
Still trying to get my cart running.

Initial problem was contactor kicked out when accelerator depressed. Replaced microswitches at pedal and parking break. Those are functional but problem persisted. Now contactor won’t activate at all. Went thru troubleshooting chart A. 1-7 ok. Step 8 troublesome. Voltage dropped from 88 to 68 to 88 when switching key. Is there a bench test for the contactor? Afraid if this isn’t the issue than the motor controller is looking suspect. Any bench test for that?

Maybe we take it back to your other thread?

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not your problem but the orange battery cable should be first on the battery, with the sensor on top. You don’t want 300a to have to go thru that sensor and 2 contact areas.

Thanks. As it is unused, I’ll be removing it today. Then I’ll continue my quest as to why my main contactor isn’t contacting.