Ford Think Battery Charge Warning Light

We just bought a 2002 Ford Think that was stored fro 2 years. Put new batteries in and everything powered up but we get a battery warning symbol displayed which translates to “If this indicator is illuminated without the vehicle being charged there is a charger problem. The vehicle should be taken to an authorized TH!NK dealer” How do you fix or reset this?

I have same problem, Battery warning and stop working when it shows.

If you’re talking about the 120VAC indicator light (interlock) then check circuit 67 for a ground signal. The interlock is a green wire that changes into a green/black wire from the charger that sends a ground signal to the instrument cluster when the charger is not plugged in. If you have the ground signal to the instrument cluster you will need to check all power and grounds to the cluster and if they are good you will need to repair the instrument cluster. If this is the case make sure to check the green wire for any power with the cord plugged as this will damage the cluster. The interlock wire at the cluster is connector J7A pin 13. If you need a shop manual send me your email and I’ll send it to you. If you don’t have the ground signal then you will need to check power and ground to the charger and if that is good then repair/replace the charger or put the green wire to ground. Using the charger ground wire will work.


Just to make sure, this is the light I’m talking. Thanks

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Yes this is the light I was talking about.

Also I’ve seen problems where TSB 04-24-9 was done. The TSB is for replacing the charger with an updated Delta Q charger and you have to splice and cut factory wiring. Near the charger plug they cut and splice the interlock wiring. This is where it goes from a green wire to two green and black wires. If the problem is intermittent then definitely look here. Just peel back the tape on the harness side near the charger four terminal plug. I have a copy of all the TSB’s if you want them.

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Thanks, I’ll be working on this monday.


I haven’t fix the Ground wire and now,
Driving it to my business this happened, hope can get help,
My QUESTION IS: can I replace just beatings or I need the whole assembly?
FRONT WHEEL BEARINGS PROBLEM![image|375x500](upload://5z1WIBwXgcmqraqiUojODHE

Here the picture

Wow that had to of been making a noise. I would be replacing the hub assembly

Manual and TSB’s sent

Hi, I’m sorry to bu you, can you please send me manual, I can’t find your e mail

Hi, BIG THANKS FOR YOUR HELP, for some reason I can’t find the e-mail where you mentioned being sent the Manual or Diagram to check the Cluster Problem, I finally found your e-mail now.


can you please send the manual to me as well to thank you

Hi, this is my RIGHT E-MAIL

Manuals sent, sorry for the delay been super busy

Hi David, I have the same problem, can you please send me manual, thank.
my email is

Sent, let me know if you didn’t get it

mail received thank. I am not getting voltage to the plug that connects to the charger, I'm going to check the wiring from the batteries to the charger.

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If you don’t have power to the charger check the middle fuse under the drivers seat. Also make sure that you’re not getting a bad connection at that fuse.
Page 75 in the electrical section shows the schematic.

Also if you have a Delta Q charger check TSB 04-24-9 for updated wiring. Most Thinks have had this TSB done. I included a copy of the TSB’s when I sent the manual