Ford Think Questions

Hey Guys…
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  1. I have 2 plugs/connectors that are not connected to anything (everything seems to be working ok- be sides my squirter on my windshield wiper.)

  2. Do I have the new onboard charger? D1 or D2 ?

  3. What’s the best was to access the model number for the motor to verify if I have the 4hp/ original motor?

  4. The guy who sold it to me says he put in new batteries. I charged it for 3 days and
    I got 11.5 miles on one charge going mostly 19-25 mpg the entire time. Is this normal?

  5. Upgraded to LED and stuck with the “fast blinks”. I know someone posted a fix but i can’t find it. Looking for the part and where exactly to install it.

  6. Can I spoof my existing setup to up the speed to 30 mph without breaking/blowing anything up?

1 The one plug has been added by someone. No idea why. The second one will most likely be for an accessory that you don’t have like a heater/defroster

2 Your charger has been upgraded to a Delta Q. To know if your controller is a D1 or D2 you can read the label on it, measure the length of it or take a picture of it and post it. The D2’s are quite a bit longer and have three bolts down each side holding it on where the D1 only has two bolts down each side.

3 Take a picture of the motor and post it or read the label. If it’s gray it’s probably a 4 hp and if t’s black it’s probably a 6 hp. If it’s blue it’s probably an aftermarket D&D 7.5 hp motor. Take a look at the speed sensor on the back of the motor. If the sensor housing looks similar to this than it’s probably a 6 hp as the 4 hp speed sensors are pretty skinny. 10L0L Golf Cart IQ Speed Sensor Fits Club Car DS and Precedent ADC Electric Golf Cart Motor, Replaces OEM#1027049-01 : Sports & Outdoors

4 You should get more than 11.5 miles. The faster you go the mileage will drop.

5 You need to replace the turn signal flasher unit that slides into the multifunction switch (turn signal switch) . This is the one I used CF13GL-02 LED Bulb Electronic Flasher | Super Bright LEDs

6 If you have a D2 controller and 6 hp or 7.5 hp motor you can either reprogram your controller or install a magic magnet.

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