Ford Think - Is There a Main Circuit Breaker or Fuse? Need a Wiring Diagram

I can’t find the fuses on my 2002 Ford Think. There is no power anywhere despite fully charged batteries and I’m trying to figure out what’s up. I do know about the main cut-off toggle switch under the driver’s seat and that does not appear to be the problem. If anyone has any ideas and/or would very kindly be willing to share a wiring diagram it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I sent you the manual which contains the diagrams. Check for battery voltage going in and out of the service disconnect switch (cut-off switch) and the three fuses beside the switch. Everything is in the electrical section. Look at page 39 and 40

Thanks so much. I’m extremely grateful. You’re always very generous to people on this site.

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Would appreciate a copy of the manual. Just ordered a custom lithium pack from China.Should have it in a couple months. Price was less than a gel setup. Will keep you informed.

Manual sent >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Can I get a copy of the manual please? I am new to the Ford Think Experience.
Thank you.

Manual sent >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>