looking to discuss this Think I bought

I bought a Think. I already own one and we love it. I would like to connect with someone who lives on my area to discuss and look at this cart. There are many things about this one that are completely different from my other one. such as 3 batteries under the seat and three under the front hood, all flooded batteries with six individual fused chargers. Drive motor is on the opposite side and is 3.5hp with a sticker that says not for production. Anyway of your in the Detroit area and would care to do this please contact me. Mike

Wow I’ve never seen one with batteries up front or the motor mounted on the other side. Wish I lived in the area I would have loved to have checked this out. I think this is probably not a production Think.

After a little research and several discussions it has been determined that this is a preproduction prototype Ford Think. Could be and most likely is the only one. I am certainly willing to listen to differing opinions. On one hand that is pretty incredible in my own opinion of course. Question now is what to do with it. Runs great only thing that does not work is speedometer. The cluster is different than the production Think, best I can tell. So do I drive it till the wheels fall off or try to find someone who could be interested in preserving it. All I really want in the end is one I can drive drying the summer. How I get there could now be an adventure.

Donate it to the Henry Ford Museum for a substantial write off, :blush:. Nearby to you no less.

Being a prototype it maybe next to impossible to find some parts for it. I’m sure a lot of them will be the same as the factory Think. I would reach out to Ford and see if they’re interested in it. If not drive it till the wheels fall off.

I am not in a position to make a donation as I would still need a cart. If there is a benefactor who is in a better position than me. I would be happy to discuss that option. Some parts can not be found. On the other hand with enough time and money, it could be brought to production standards and most things would be available.

Ford may buy it from you

post a picture so we can see this think