Ford Think Neighbor - Lights, Wipers, and Horn not working

I have a 2002 Ford Think Neighbor. Lights, Wipers, and Horn not working anymore they just stopped. Any advice on how to troubleshoot?

Check your dc/dc converters. You probably have two but a few only have one. If you have two they will be on opposite sides of the upper frame rail under the front hood. You won’t be able to see the second one but you can reach your hand around and feel it. Each one has four wires going to it. Two are orange, those are the battery pack voltage positive and negative so they should read around 72 volts. The other two are your 12 volts out positive and negative so you should have over 12 volts. If you have 72 volts going in and not over 12 volts coming out than your dc/dc converter is bad.

Thanks! Would it be this one? How do I check?

No- that yellow box with black fins is your charger.
Is there another little box mounted next to it where your arrow is pointing?

Is there anything up under this beam? (reach back there and feel around for a box with wires.)


That looks like a good possibility. Someone may have replaced it at one time. Orange wires are inputs. It looks like there is a convenient plug you can test for that.

I can’t see wires coming out but I’m guessing there is a plug on those wires too.

Are turn signals working? I had an issue where nothing worked except flashers and brake lights. Turned out, it wasn’t my 72v/12v converter. It was the relays under the hood. So, I would check the relays, if you’ve checked the converter, like I did, and it is good.

Yes that’s it. The two wires wrapped in orange tape is the 72 volts in. Usually there is one on the opposite side of that frame rail as well but I guess you only have the one. The ones I’ve seen with only one they are mounted on the outside instead of the inside. If it’s bad I would mount the new one on the outside just so it’s easier to access. I know The Turbo Dad on here bought a cheap aftermarket one that’s working for him. The stock ones are not cheap.

What does that run about?