SEVCON dc/dc converters for sale

Hello friends,

I have some new and some old (gently used) SEVCON DCDC units for sale - left over from old projects at work. Details are here:
SEVCON DC/DC 50-120Vdc Input to 13.4Vdc 500W Sealed Converter NEW 622/11213

You can purchase through ebay, or save by contacting me directly. I sold quite a few of these already - thanks to @Erniea15 for recommending I post here.

165/each for “New” DC/DC units and 150$ each for the gently used boxes.
10$ if you want a “paperweight” version that no longer operates. :laughing:
(Free shipping to USA locations)

They are great for EV’s - and also happen to be useful spare parts for Zero Motorcycles of all vintages.

Thanks for looking!


I bought a couple of these from @sschepm after finding him on eBay and craigslist. I just wanted a couple in inventory for future projects. Good price on the 500w versions especially compared to new. Necessary for high voltage conversions of 2016+ cars

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Update: Only used DCDC units left. Same great price and warranty if you have problems.


80v right?
4 wire or all 5 wire?

80V Nominal to 12V Nominal - full power between 50Vdc and 120Vdc input, output of 13.4-13.6Vdc

It’s the 5 pin version, but I have all the parts (pins, sockets, wire, connectors, and crimper) to make a 4 pin to 5 pin adapter if you need it, for about 30$ (the pins/sockets are super pricey).