Nice deal on an AC/DC power converter - $11!

I have seen people looking for AC to DC power converters. Here is a nice one that takes in 100-240AC and delivers 12V at 4.7A!

This is a bare-bones sort of thing, so you would need to build your own housing, etc. But at less than $11, I don’t think you will find a better deal. Disclaimer: [B]I know nothing about this supplier[/B], but I am about to place an order with him because he has a lot of stuff I need and his prices are great!

Condor Open Frame Power Supply-Input 85-264Vac-Output 12V/4.7A

What are you going to use it for? You can get a used 12 volt battery chargers for 5 bucks at garage sales.

I have no use for it, but I thought the hobbyists might be interested. I guess you would only need one of these if you had an AC car, and an AC motor and you needed to supply normal DC voltage. But then I suppose you would need something for your lights, horn, etc. Perhaps if you are building your own NEV, this would save you some money?

And sure you can get a 12V adapter at a garage sale, but it’s going to be 1A at most. 4.7A seems pretty beastly. :smiley: