DC/DC Converter issues

I was driving my 2001 2 seater and it completely lost power and there was an electronic burning smell for a few seconds. No power to the dash, lights, nothing and it will not drive.

I called Ride 4 Fun and he walked me through some diagnostics and it seems to be the DC/DC converter.

Does anybody have a cheaper than $550 to fix it? It has the DC/DC converter recall update to the silver aluminum cased black potted faced

try Ebay

Is there a way to bypass the converter temporarily so I can still drive it?

What part # do you have? It should be a Model: 71030i

Input: 72vdc-96vdc nominal
output: 13.5vdc 30A
Fuse Rating: 125vdc/15A
12 pin connector

It powers the low voltage accessories of a GEM Car (lights, horn, wiper, etc) Can be used as a secondary power source for radio, extra lights, etc. But not to many amp as they tend to burn up…

Here’s one on ebay for $275. Gem Car Part Converter 72V to 12V w Mounting Plate Original Used Factory Part | eBay

This guy sells a lot of GEM parts. I wish I lived next door to him. LOL

Check all of your normal stuff like fuses, connections, etc. Unplug the plug that go into the inverter and plug it back in. Chances are that wont work because you smelled a burning smell but it’s worth a try. Let us know what you find?


I got the GEM all fixed. It was the DC/DC converter. I ordered a new one from -

SPS Electronics

This is not the newest upgrade but it is the one I have so it was the easiest and cheapest.

can you post the contact information for SPS electronics?