‘04 GEM car lights quit

My ‘04 GEM E2 lights and blinkers always work as soon as I start it but eventually they quit working. I can’t seem to get anywhere on finding the problem. It seems to be after the first stop or key off, then they won’t work anymore.

Gems have a DC to DC converter. It take the 72v and converts it to 12v for your lights blinkers and windshield wipers ect. These DC to DC converters go out from time to time. Especially the older ones

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Thanks! How can I troubleshoot the converter and where can I find a new one?

The first step would be to find out what DC to DC converter you have. You say your car is a 2004 I’m not sure if they had the circuit board style converter or the (sure power) brand

converter. Take the dashboard off or look under the hood and see if you have a black box that says sure power on it

Yes, it is a Sure Power converter.

Well if someone has a wire diagram or can point out the wire you should probe to test voltage. That way you can see what kind of voltage your DC to DC converter is putting out

Thanks David: looks like wires 7 and or 8 should give you 12v switched
And pins 9 &10 should give you 12v constant.

7 and 8 will go to your lights so test these wires with a volt meter and let us know what you get as far as voltage

Ok, 7 and 8 have 12+ volts. I guess I need to check them when they quit again. I drove it last night and turned them off and on a few times but they never quit.

Could you splice into wires seven and eight and then connect them to your voltmeter on your dash. I’m sure if your voltmeter reads 12 V and your lights go out there is a bad connection at the lights or after the DC to DC converter checking what the voltages at the DC to DC converter will pinpoint where your problem is

what about the spare radio connectors instead of splicing? I would also look for brake lights going off too and those should be visible reflecting light off the top of the rear seat via rearview mirror. If all 12V is dropping, I would look at the 72V input connnections to the converter.

To resurrect an old’er’ thread, I’m now having even more problems. Dash lights up intermittently when key is turned on. When this happens, I can hear a click under the dash. I’ve got 75v in to the converter and 12v out slowly creeping down to 11.5v. The key switch checked out good. But checked 0v getting to it. I went back to check the inverter and it read 1.5v out. I’m leaning towards the inverter finally biting the dust, but I can’t make myself certain before I order a new one. Any suggestions?

Those DC/DC converter are known to go bad, Seen three myself. You can buy them cheap on Ebay.
I would just swap it and see happens. Takes about 10 min to swap one out.

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I have a used one I will sell you for $125 . If it is not the problem you can return it . My guess is it is your problem or lose wire

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Oh nice! Is it the Sure Power model 71030i?

Here is a picture of it

I’ll take it. How would you like to proceed? I have PayPal and Venmo.

paypal me . I will pm you my acct info .

Thanks for helping me out! Received it in two days and it’s been doing good.

glad to here it solved your problem