Electrical Question

I have a 99 Gem 2. Drives fine but have no lights,turn signals, horn or brake lights. Any info on what to look at.

Check fuses

Look at your DC/DC converter output

If DC to DC converter is in need of replacement does anyone know the part number and where it can be purchased?

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Note: if your converter doesn’t look like the one in the picture you may be eligeble for a warrenty replacement.

Did you check all the fuses and breaker?

The part in question is the circuit board to the attached link below. all fuses checked good. Not sure the location of breaker. Site won’t let me post the link. To the left of the Panel is a circuit board that i am not sure what it does.

If you have the original “circuit board” DC converter it is under warrenty replacement by GEM’ You cant post pictures until you have posted 5 times.

Send a picture to my email and I will verify.


I called GEM the company and gave the VIN number and they are telling me the VIN does not show in there system. Told me to take it to a dealer and have them look at the VIN. They are going to see the same VIN I am seeing. Was trying to find out if the recall had be done for the DC to DC convertor.

Polaris doesn’t have VIN #s past 2007. Your going to have to take it to your dealer.