DC converter recall *HELP*

I have a 2002 gem e825 that I purchased used. It ran fine for several months but it quit running and I think the dc converter is the culprit. I called a couple gem dealers to have them run the VIN # and the only recall that shows is something with the parking brake. This car was purchased new in March of 2002 and from what I read on the net that the recall included Gems up to 2003.

I would post a pic of it but I can’t figure out how to do it here. Can someone tell me if my converter is the new or old style? My converter is the open circuit board type that has two 10 amp fuses in it. I believe the new converters are sealed. What confuses me is that I bought one of those “E” service manuals for $5 off the web and it has a drawing of the old version and the newer version of converters and they are almost identical except for the backing plate. Both are of open construction. If this manual is right then I have the newer dc converter.

I would really appreciate any help

There were 2 versions of the open converters. Both were replaced with the enclosed converter under warrenty.

Thanks for the confirmation. I don’t know why this does not show up when they run my VIN #. I will print out the TSB and show it to them since they know nothing of it.
I will post an update Monday after I talk to the “GEM expert” at the dealership.


The recall was for the parking brake assembly. DC/DC converters were replaced under a separate program. The brake program was a safety issue that was mandated. I believe the converter issue may have been discretionary.

Lee at GEMcarpartsdirect.com said ‘RECALL ON THE DC CONVERTER… GEM CARS 2003- and OLDER
if you are looking at a used GEM car… it’s good to first ask the seller but also ask for the VIN and call a dealer to see if ALL recalls have been done’

call his toll free number listed on the website

I believe the brake recall is for the '05 and newer… I may be wrong… know it solved the over heating code 51 and 41 problems I was having


I called Lee last week and he was not able to help. If something doesn’t show up that’s not attached to the VIN # then it seems that’s as far as the dealer will go. I called a few dealers and none of them were of any help.

I called Polaris customer service and after a lot of searching the customer service rep told me that Recall has expired and its no longer valid.

Most of the stuff I read on the net says that recalls never expire. The customer service rep told me that they do expire. I dunno???
I may go down to my local dealer and see if they can help. Maybe they can get Polaris to do something.

If anyone runs into this problem the only way the recall can be pulled up by computer is to give them the bulletin number 11-11-28.

I had a VIN for an 02 eL that I wanted to check the recalls on… the girl… can’t remember name… at Beck Chrysler… Lee’s dealership was supposed to send me the recall bulletin… I never got it… Lee has been promoted to a desk… what happens to the good ones… the girl does a pretty good job but if she has to consult with Lee there is a break down… it’s after 5 back there… I see if I can catch Lee and get the bulletin e-mailed to me and I’ll post it… I only know Lee said because the part was an electronic part it was expensive to buy… that it could be done for free at the dealer… we’ve lost our local Denver dealer so I have no one to call…


Yes there was a breakdown in communication when I tried to talk to Lee. I spoke with some other gentleman and this gentleman would ask Lee questions. I was hoping Lee would say yeah, I am aware of the recall and all 2002 E825 Gem’s were eligible for a free fix, yada, yada, yada.

Oldhouseboater attached a file to the recall/TSB on the DC converter in his first post in this thread? Is this what you’re speaking of?

If you talk to Lee maybe you can make him aware that the recall has been terminated by Polaris. Maybe you can ask him if there is anything that can be said or done to get Polaris to honor the old recall.
Give Lee Gem bulletin number L-11-11-28.

I believe that all recall programs except parking brake ceased when Polaris purchased GEM from Chrysler. I will call my contact tomorrow and get the straight scoop.

I read a lot of old threads about this topic on here and other forums before I posted a question. I did see on here where someone got there converter replaced last year under the recall program.
I also saw on here that recalls don’t expire and you don’t have to be the original purchaser.

I will see what I can find out. es Gem Colo is going to ask Lee what he knows. If you get some info from your contact maybe we can resolve this or put this topic to bed forever.


You have to go to a GEM authorized dealer. They ARE under warrenty recall because the originals were a fire hazard. This is a big deal because the kits are about $700 plus labor.

This information provided by the Fruitland Park Florida GEM Dealer.

I will go by my dealer and see what they say. I’m going fishing afterwards but I will update when I get back this evening. Thanks

I went by my dealer and the “Gem Guy” was not there. I left the paperwork and he was suppose to figure it out and call me back. He never did call me back.
I was able to get a hold of Lee at gemcarpartsdirect. He has been the only one that has helped me on this and he is willing to try and get his Gem rep to help me. This might take some time to resolve but I will update this thread when I get an answer from Polaris.

I have called several dealers and stopped by one of them. I called Polaris and the NHTSA about the recall. Nobody knows squat beyond what is in front of their computer screen.

I know who is going to get my business when I need parts and it sure isn’t going to be my local Gem dealer.

Time to go fishing again and let the GEM car sit for a while not sure what the Polaris plan is for gem car I was hoping that they would take it and run with it but by the looks of some of their cars they are not even looking like gem car the new am models I guess we’re just on our own out here and we need to find a dealer that will stand behind us and help us there also is a list of aftermarket parts that keeps growing so check on that on in this forum and maybe you don’t even need to go to a dealer

this was talked instead of typed


Think about going to a GEM dealer that was active with Chrysler prior to Polaris buying them out. They will know the right answers.

New Polaris GEM dealers can’t be expected to know about it because most of the converters were replaced 10 years ago.

the reason I suggest Lee at GEMCARPARTSDIRECT… he’s with Beck Chrysler in FL… either has stock on the floor or gets it sent quickly from GEM parts in Iowa… can overnight if really needed


The Gem dealer I went to yesterday was a Chrysler dealer. I don’t know how seasoned their Gem specialist is but he won’t call me back.
I may call them back since they’re local but this is getting ridiculous.
I’m sure Lee will get some answers but I hate for him to have him deal with this since my local dealer will probably get the recall job if its authorized.

The guy I bought the car off had the charger upgraded and had all the receipts and any paperwork since new. I don’t know why he did not get the recall done.
One issue i’m having since the recall was not done is that I can’t buy a used dc converter and install it because the wiring won’t work. I looked on the web and saw the wiring harness adapter was $200 and it probably cost them $3 to make. I guess they think we all play golf and live in mansions. I guess its a fair assumption since you would almost have to be stupid rich to buy one of these things new at the price Polaris wants for them. A new 4 passenger stripped down Gem is $11K. I am pretty sure you can get a 4 door Kia Spectra for about that price.

in the past Lee has been really good at sending the recall info… I had a recall on my parking brake… he sent my the recall and I went to the dealer… a Polaris dealer who said we have only worked on our new GEM cars and don’t know how to do this… NICE… I said you have the GEM car sign and I have a GEM… you have to order the part… in the meantime read the book and call me when you are ready to fix my car…the recall called for 45 minutes to fix the issue… I waited 2 and a half hours… but got it done… had to take it to my mechanic as the brake was not tight enough to hold the car on an incline… less than 10 minutes… my local dealer has since taken down his GEM car sign… leaving me to go an hour + South or an hour plus North… if those guys are still dealers… haven’t contacted the Chrysler to the South in a couple of years when he botched an order and I had to call Lee for the correct part… and the guy to the North is a Polaris dealer who had his '12 cars on Craigslist a while back… probably not a GEM dealer

I have found a very industrious Ford (yes Ford) GEM dealer in NC… only see him selling cars and haven’t talked to his service people… I wanted some hand outs for car shows and he was quick to send me a large care package


Talk to Richard Gallop At Bill Bryant Chrysler in Fruitland Fl. 352-747-2223.

You can mention me. He is a Senior GEM Service Manager and is tight with Polaris.


Does anyone know if bassman got his repaired under warranty? I recently have the same situation. If not has anyone purchased one from electric motor sports. Any comments?