GEM E825 12v. inop. DC DC converter suspect

I saw a post about the relay on the converter being subject to a recall and stuck. My symptoms are the same. The 10amp (that is what was in there, anyway) is blown and there appears to be a dead short in the circuit so that replacing the fuse is no use.
I measured across the fuse terminals (the right most lower corner of the circuit board) and found 74volts.
Are DC/DC controllers available? Is there any hope I could fix it myself, ie point out the suspect relays?
Thanks in advance for any comments.

Run your VIN at and see if the converter as well as parking brake recalls are open. If so Polaris should fix under warranty.

I have a 2002 E825. I ran my VIN and show the 2 recalls - parking brake and converter. Polaris site only lists 2 dealers for Las Vegas. I called both, one doesn’t work on GEM and the other said they only service GEM 2007 and newer. I asked if they can get the parts for the recall, but never called me back. Any ideas how I can get these recalls serviced in Las Vegas? The car is not running right now, and everything so far points to the old style PWB that was updated to the sealed converter in the recall. Any recommendations or assistance would be greatly appreciated. I need my GEM running again.

GEM was just bought out by management and relocated its HQ to Southern California. If neither local Dealer will do the recall, I would escalate to the main office. Both recalls are safety issues. NHTSA might have information on how to handle this since I believe the recall requirements don’t change when a company is sold.

I thought the recall was for the open style pwb? If yours has the sealed version I think that means your car was updated?

What does your car have for a dc converter?

Have you checked it for power? Have you done any other diagnostics? Is this why you tacked on to this thread?

IIRC, the first round or two of replacements for the open DC-DC converters was also recalled. The later sets of instructions from GEM on the DC-DC recall actually show both procedures.

Yup. You know you done fucked up GOOOD when your recall replacement part, gets recalled too. That’s expert level epic fail.

Do you happen to have a phone number for the new main office in California? I’m having trouble finding. Are they still part of Polaris?

I posted on Reddevil’s post about checking vin for recalls. I do have outstanding recalls for pwb and emergency brakes. The pwb is the old style, version 2, not the sealed one. I believe the pwb I have has the converter build into it. Since the car stopped running suddenly, I’m trying to troubleshoot my problems. Since the pwb is a recall, and the converter is built in, I was thinking I need to get the recall done first, as this may be my problem.

It is always best to start your own topic listing details on your cart and the issues you are having rather than tacking onto someone else’s thread.

If you are having exactly the same symptoms you can always link to JCR’s topic but be aware that it dates back to Oct '20 and it gets real confusing to follow and keep everyone on track.

I need my GEM running again.

It seems to me that finding the issue first would be the best/fastest path to your goals. It may be a month to sort out a dealer upgrade solution.

Have you done any checks of your system to see if your DC converter is actually at fault? Unless I missed something I don’t see anything about what your issue is other that your car stopped suddenly and you now would like your dealers to do the recalls/updates?

In other words, it could be as simple as checking your key switch?

The new company is called Waev, Inc.

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Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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