Where to find a replacement Aux board for a 2002 GEM

Hello all, we are looking to find a replacement Aux board for a 2002 GEM. The board we have is water damaged and burnt. It is an SPS Electronics PN 14095/GEM P01-11504. Tried contacting SPS but nobody returns calls or emails. Anybody have one for sale or know where we can find a substitute? Thank you.

Are you talking about the DC/DC converter ? If so I have a contact for you. We just replaced our old DC/DC board with the new recalled one. Our had had the recall claimed but the board was never put in.

Hi Mike,

I believe it’s a combination DC/DC aux board. Ours is the open circuit board type. Here’s some pictures. Thanks for your time.

Yep, that is what we had, those have been recalled.

This is one on ebay if you want to try it.

I guess they have a bad habit of burning the car down to the ground.

Here is what it was replaced with, but you need a whole kit. Not just this part:

If you want I can find the guys contact info that sent us ours, he gave us everything we needed, new harness, buzzer, timer, relay and DC/DC converter. Had it installed in under an hour.

PS - you can call Polaris and see if you recall has been claimed, if not, Polaris will replace it for free, burnt up or not - no questions asked.

Hi Mike, thanks a whole lot of all your help. I just called GEM/Polaris and they said there is no recall on this. The only recall on our 2002 is a parking brake recall (that’s what I’m told). Was hoping it would’ve been something covered. If you can somehow (without much effort) find your contact where you got yours that would be great.

That means someone in the past has claimed the recall but never installed it.

Call Anthony - he is in NY

Tell him you need a DC/DC recall kit with the harness, just like Mike in Kansas City about a month ago.

He should be able to take care of you. He sent everything pre-wired and ready to go.

If you send me your email address I can send the PDF of how to install the recall kit. The forum will not allow me to post a PDF.

Sure, Gary@CleanVehiclesNY.com
Once again, thank you so much for your help and time!

Hi there! I have the same problem with the burned DC/DC converter. I have a replacement pcb but it does not seem to be complete. Could you please send me the pdf (discussed above) describing how to install the replacement kit so i can get the bigger picture?

Also, are there any electrical schematics available?

Best regards
Olof Johnsson, SWEDEN

I think I still have it, will you post your email so I can send it?

Found the link:

On our 2002, I just had Polaris replace the DC-DC converter under warranty. Do a VIN check to see if your GEM is still outstanding. I am in Los Angeles and Yale Equipment did a house call to replace this and do the parking brake recall.

@Reddevil - is correct do check for the recall - we have checked about a dozen and they all had been claimed but not done :slight_smile: but it is definitely worth a shot.

Yes what mike is talking about is people that some how were able to use your gems Vin # to get GEM or Polaris to send them a free Surepower DC/DC converter. Then they are reselling the DC to DC converter that should have gone in your car. I’m not saying that’s what this guy did but that’s what comes to mind when I see this .

Has anyone asked Polaris or a dealer what they do when they see a GEM with the old converter yet the documentation says the service had been completed? I am one of those in this situation. Thanks.