Old Gem DC to Dc converter

Hello all,

I’m about to start trying and get my 02 Gems old DC/DC converter transferred over to the new sure power model. The recall was so long ago I am assuming its going to be a bear to get a hold of anyone that will help. Before I start calling Polaris dealers here in Florida I was just checking if anyone had a contact that could helpful with this process? I can install myself if anyone knows where to find the complete kit. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

The recall free-replacement window ended last year around June. I got mine done just in time. You’ll be able to find the actual converter yourself, it’s the harness that’s hard to find. I almost went down the route of creating my own with my own 72v to 12v converter I found but finally found a dealer (3hrs away) that would do it.

Don’t know the seller and not my listing, but this is what you’re going to want to find:
GEM car 72-12 Volt Wiring Harness 1998-04, Original Used Factory Equipment | eBay

Wow. Thank you so much! I just bought it. I spent 45 min talking with Polaris earlier today trying to find the complete kit. If anyone else is looking for this kit the new part number from Polaris is #2878966 and it is on back order until July. Polaris number to call 1-866-764-0616. Thank you for your help.

Hurry up and get it in so I can ship you your lithium pack!

Haha. Yep’er, I’m on it! Cant wait to try out the 96V setup.

Took about an hour but she’s all done. Ready for lithium pack. Thanks again to @jbcrew for finding that harness.

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Oh hell, now I need to hurry up and build your lithium battery.