Headlights, brakelights, etc

I have a 2005 Gem that has developed a weird problem. I have relatively new (6 months old) batteries and after a full charge, everything works fine for the first drive after you unplug. After that, the brake lights, headlights, horn, blinkers, trip odometer do not function until the next full charge. The battery indicator functions properly and the car makes full power and has full range. All the circuits that go through the number one fuse shut down. I have checked the fuse and changed it out and can’t find anything wrong. Is there another relay I should check? I have a service manual but it does not help me much. What should I do next?

Have you took you GEM to the dealer?

No SolarJoe. I have not taken it to the dealer. We dont have a dealer here and I was hoping someone could give me some good advice. Thanks for your input.

I’m not much help on this one. I absolutely hate electrical gremlins.
Possibly the information cluster is failing? :confused:

I am starting to think it is the DC converter.

I agree on checking the convertor.


Thanks Daniel. The accessories have completely stopped working now. Is there an internal fuse or any replaceable circuit boards in that convertor? Is it rebuildable or do you just replace the whole convertor? Thanks again for your reply!

Several types and brands of convertor have been used over the years. Take a pic and we’ll have a look. There should be at least two fuses.


I checked and it is a Sure Power 71030i. I will open it up tonight and see what it looks like.

I installed a new dc/dc convertor and everything is working perfectly. The Sure Power units are “potted” and not serviceable. I learned this term when I tried to pry it open and see what was inside. I am convinced this is the same design they use for the black boxes in airplanes. Anyway, I am back on the road!